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Living Arrows 2019 – 21/52

After a short but still quite tiring half term, we had a nice quiet few days pottering around at home this weekend.

The only thing we really got up to was a swimming lesson for Rhys and a birthday party for Nerys.  One of her friends had a princess-themed party at her house and she was so excited about it.

Her friend’s parents had arranged for Belle to come along to the party, to chat with the girls and to do their hair.  She did an amazing job and all the girls looked so lovely with their hair plaited and decorated with flowers and glitter spray.


Nerys was so sad taking this out at bedtime and asked me if I could try and do something like it for her another day.

The thing is, my skills are nowhere near this level!  I can manage a normal plait and a ponytail but that’s about my limit.  I’d love to learn how to do french plaits and things though.  So if Nerys has the patience to sit still and let me practice I might find a few YouTube tutorials and see what I can teach myself.


Do you ‘do’ your child’s hair a lot?  Or do you tend to stick to the basics like ponytails and bunches?


Living Arrows

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