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Living Arrows 2019 – 14/52

I have a feeling I’ll be finding bits of glitter everywhere for the next week.

Nerys went to her friend’s birthday party yesterday and had glitter tattoos on both her arms and glitter all over both cheeks.  So by the time we got home she had dots of the stuff all over her face.  And in her hair.  And on my face where she’d hugged me.

She absolutely loved it though.  This girl is a big fan of sparkles and pretty things.

Living arrows


I think all but 2 of the girls at the party were wearing their favourite princess dresses and they were all so excited when the special guest arrived.

My friend had arranged for Belle to come and entertain them with the glitter make up and some party games.  They all absolutely loved it and had a brilliant time.  This little group of girls make me smile so much, because one minute they’ll be sat beautifully still, waiting patiently to have a glitter tattoo put on.  Then the next they’ll be bouncing around like loons, dancing like only 4 and 5 year olds can in a game of musical bumps.

It’s just such a lovely age where they seem so completely themselves.

I managed to get these photos of Nerys when we got home, in the last of the late afternoon sunlight in our back garden.

This was just before she burst her heart-shaped balloon wand that Belle made her, which made her burst into tears.  I think both the children are so tired and ready for this last week of term to be over so they can have a little break.  Their resilience just drops completely towards the end of term and things they can normally cope with suddenly become a bit too much.

Are your children on Easter holiday already or do you have another week to go like us?


Living Arrows
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