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Living Arrows 2018 – 46/52

I’ve been struck down with the lurgy.

I’m tired and achy and, if I’m honest, a bit complainy.

Luckily we didn’t really have plans for the weekend so on Saturday I was able to spend a fair chunk of the day in bed and on the sofa resting.

On Sunday though I thought it might be worth trying a different approach.

So after the children’s swimming lessons we headed down to the beach for a blast of fresh air and to have a look at the events taking place to mark armistice day.

Living Arrows

We walked down to the cenotaph first and spent a few minutes reading the notes on the wreaths that had been put down there.

Nerys in particular seemed to enjoy doing that, asking me to read various ones out to her.

Then we walked back along the beach all the way to the civic centre to see the pages of the sea event in progress.

The main portrait of Dorothy Watson wasn’t quite finished by the time we left, but I’ve since seen photos of it and it looked great.  I think it was such a brilliant idea by Danny Boyle, and so emotional to see the photos last night of the various portraits in the sand slowly being washed away by the tide.

I’m not sure quite how much Rhys and Nerys understand about the war, but to be honest I still struggle to get my head around it at times.  Which is why it’s so important that we keep talking about it and reading about it and never, ever forgetting.

Did you do anything with your children for remembrance day?


Living Arrows
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