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Living Arrows 2018 – 24/52

Anyone else feel like they’re almost on a countdown already to the end of the school year?

The first week back after half term flew by and it feels like it’ll be the summer holidays before we know it.  And I have quite mixed feelings about it.  Part of me is looking forward to the long holidays, the change of pace, the break from routine and getting to spend loads of time with the children.

The other part of me is quite sad for what the end of this school year means.

It means the end of afternoons with my little girl.  She’ll be in school all day come September, and it really feels like the end of era.  She’ll be ready for it, I’m sure, but I think it’ll take me a bit of time to feel ok about it.  Starting full time school feels like the first step in letting them go, and that’s just so bittersweet.

I still have time though. 

These last precious weeks of term, when it’s just me and her every afternoon.  I want to slow down and soak it all up and set it firmly in my memory, these days when she’s still little and still mine.

Living Arrows

We went to the beach again this weekend, and she stripped off and had a whale of a time in the sea.

I stood back, watching, taking photographs.  Steve was the one with her, acting as her safe harbour.  To start with she stayed right by him, reaching for his hand to steady herself.  Then she started to get bolder, and slowly but surely moved that little bit further away, out into the water.

It felt quite symbolic to watch.  And quite wonderful too.

I hope I feel the same way watching her head into school on that first day in September.

Just don’t get me started yet on how I feel about Rhys moving into year 3, and the juniors, at the same time!

Living Arrows
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