How to get your garden ready for the summer

It’s really starting to feel like summer round here, and we’ve been spending so much more time outside enjoying the sunshine and fresh air.

If your garden still needs some work though, don’t worry, there’s still plenty of time.  Here are some tips and ideas to get your garden ready for summer so you can enjoy the next few months of (hopefully) warm weather.

how to get your garden ready for summer


Clean off the patio or decking

If your garden has a patio area or some decking, it might be looking a bit sad and grimy after the long winter.

Get a nice stiff broom and give the whole area a good sweep to shift stones and dirt and whatever else might have accumulated over the last few months.  Then give it all a wash down.  For stone patios you can use warm water and washing up liquid, using your broom to scrub the slabs, and then rinse off with a hose or a bucket of clean water.

For wooden decking it’s probably worth looking for a cleaning product specifically designed to be used on wood.  With this job done you’ll already be on your way to getting your garden ready for all sorts of social occasions.


Get weeding

With all the sunshine we’ve been having our garden has come to life like crazy recently, and it’s not all been plants that we actually want growing there.

You can pull most weeds out, just try and get as much of the root out as you can to stop it just regrowing.  For really stubborn weeds and tricky areas like between paving slabs, get a good quality weed killer to use.

If you’re really unlucky you might have plants in your garden that need specialist treatment.  One of the worst offenders is Japanese knotweed which is notoriously hard to get rid of.  If you find any in your garden you’ll need to act quickly because it spreads really easily, and you’ll need to get experts in for a professinal Japanese knotweed treatment to clear the problem for you.


Start planning BBQs

If your barbecue has been sitting out in the garden since last summer, then it most likely needs a good clean before you fire it up for the first time this summer.

Barbecues can be a bit tricky to get really clean, especially if you didn’t really clean it properly after the last time you used it, but this step by step barbecue cleaning guide is really thorough and should help bring yours back to life for another year.

If your current barbecue is beyond rescuing, or if you don’t currently have one then now’s the time to head to the shops and get a new one.  Or think about installing a fire pit if your garden has the space.


Clean down the children’s toys

Outdoor toys like play houses and slides can get lovely and grimy over time, so it’s worth giving them a good scrub down before the summer season really arrives.

Big items like play houses can be washed basically like you’d wash your car, with buckets of warm soapy water and sponges.  For smaller toys you can get your children involved by filling up the paddling pool with warm water and washing them in there.

Then just leave everything out in the sun to dry.


Hopefully with these jobs done your garden should be ready to use and enjoy in no time.  All that will be left to do is get out the garden table and chairs and relax!


Disclaimer: this is a collaborative post


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