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Living Arrows 2018 – 13/52

British summer time arrived yesterday and brought with it a day of glorious blue skies and sunshine.

For the first time in a long time it was warm enough out in the sun to brave leaving our coats at home and it was just wonderful.

We made the most of it by heading to Cwmdonkin Park for an Easter egg hunt.

By the time we arrived not long after two o’clock there was a bit of a queue to register and get started, but the children were really patient and happily waited to get going.

The whole thing was really well organised and the queue moved pretty quickly and then we were off, searching the park for four letters to make into a word to then claim a chocolatey prize for the arrows

It took us a while, and a lot of walking round (Cwmdonkin Park is surprisingly big!) but we eventually found all four letters and Rhys worked out that G-S-G-E could be changed around to make eggs!

We had a sit down in the sun for a few minutes so Rhys and Nerys could devour their chocolate prizes, then they had a few turns on the slide and zip wire before we headed home.

The park was the busiest I think I’ve ever seen it, and it was absolutely lovely.  There’s something about things like this, when the local community all gets together and has fun, that just makes me smile.

Now I’m just hoping the nice weather sticks around for next weekend so we can carry on the egg hunting fun at Brynmill Park.  I think the children are hoping we’ll do a little egg hunt at home too.  We did one last year and they enjoyed it so much, I seem to remember re-hiding the eggs a couple of times because they had so much fun looking for them!

Are you and your family heading to any fun events this Easter?  Or do you organise an egg hunt of your own at home?

Living Arrows
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