living arrows

Living Arrows 2017 – 36/52

After looking at the weekend weather forecast and seeing that it was due to rain all day on Sunday, we decided to make the most of the dry weather on Saturday and pop down to our regular spot on the beach at Swansea bay.

That dark cloud that you can see looming over Rhys threatened us the whole time we were there, but luckily it kept its distance and we stayed dry!

living arrows

living arrows

A lot of the time when we go to the beach we go empty handed.

Steve and I both love seeing the children just run around, maybe splash in the water, and then get creative building sandcastles using shells as spades.  This weekend though Nerys asked if we could actually take a bucket and spade with us.  Which got put to good use building a rather impressive castle with a moat and turrets and a little village of houses around it.

Once it was built both Rhys and Nerys ran around finding feathers to stick in the top of the castles for flags, and shells and stones to decorate the sides.

living arrows

I think we need to buy Rhys a book on geology soon as he’s started getting really interested in what different types of rock are.  He really loves looking out for rocks and stones that the tide brings in, and seeing if we know what type of rock it is.

So actually, maybe I need to get a book for me, so I can provide some answers to all his questions!


Living Arrows
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