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Living Arrows 2017 – 25/52

A few weeks ago I shared a photo of Nerys on a swing, with her hair blowing out behind her, for my living arrows post.

I wrote at the time how her hair seems to be such a part of who she is.  It so often seems a little on the wild side, and probably could do with a trim to neaten it up, but I can’t bring myself to do anything other then trim her fringe at the moment.

Sometimes she will sit still in front of me long enough for me to put it in a ponytail for her, or pigtails now and then.  And she does like sitting and putting various clips and headbands on herself.  But it doesn’t tend to last that long before she’s got it all loose and free again.

For this week’s living arrows post I wanted to share two photos of her that demonstrate how different she looks with her hair free and with it tied back.  The photos were taken about an hour apart.


I think she looks so sweet with her ponytail and headband.

But that second picture, with the mussed up do and the sparkle in her eyes?  That’s my Nerys!


Living Arrows
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