little adventures

Little adventures

We’ve had a very low-key summer here.

We’ve not been away on holiday, and we’ve not really even done any big days out.  Thanks in large part to the fact we’ve been without a car all summer (a story for another day).

What we have done is spent time together.  

We’ve walked to the library, joined in with rhyme time and had fun choosing books to take home and read, and as a result both children have completed the big summer reading challenge.  So we have two lovely certificates that they’re very proud of.

We’ve been to the local park, had multiple turns on the big slide, the roundabout and the mini trampoline.  And I was really impressed by Nerys going on the zip line, and loving it!

We’ve taken the bus into town, chosen toys in the pound shop and eaten lunch in the Debenhams cafe which was nowhere near as stressful as I thought it might be.

We’ve baked cakes, we’ve drawn pictures, and we’ve played with play dough; because this is Wales and in Wales it rains now and then!

We’ve walked to the local shops for bread and milk.  And we’ve walked over the footbridge on the way home.  The height of excitement for children.

So, in celebration of our low-key summer, and of all the little adventures, I’ve written this haiku:

We walk to the shops

Next year Rhys will be 6 and Nerys will be 3 by the time the summer holidays roll around, and I’m sure there’ll be more requests for trips out, and a family holiday would be lovely.

But I hope we always enjoy the little adventures too.



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