Reasons I'm happy autumn is on its way

10 reasons I’m happy autumn is on its way

According to the meteorological seasons, it is now officially autumn.

And even if you go by the astronomical year, then autumn is nearly here, as according to this way of doing things it starts on the 22nd September.

Either way, I’m pretty happy!

While I like summer, with the long days and, in theory, warm weather I’ve realised over the years that I actually prefer the other seasons.  And I do have quite a soft spot for autumn in particular.

Here are my top ten reasons why I’m happy that autumn is on its way:

10 reasons I'm happy autumn is on its way

All the layers.

Jumpers, cardies, hats, scarves, gloves, thick slipper socks, blankets.  I just love the cosiness of it all!


I don’t do well in the heat.

The warm weather is enjoyable to a point and then it’s just too much for me.  I don’t like feeling hot and sweaty.  I don’t like worrying that I’ll burn, or worse, that the children will burn if we’re out in the heat too long.  After a while I just start to long for cooler days, sorry!


The chance for a lie-in.  Maybe.

Nerys is waking up at about ten past six most days at the moment.  And will shout for me after opening the curtains and seeing that it’s light outside.

So I’m really hoping that once the sun starts rising a little later I’ll get to stay in bed a little longer!


All change.

I love watching the world change with the seasons.  After a few months of gorgeous greenery everywhere, I love seeing all the oranges, reds and browns start to appear as we creep towards autumn.


A new year.

The start of autumn also feels like a chance for a fresh start, which must be because it’s linked in my mind to a new school year.

It’s a time for getting organised, clearing out, and making plans for the last few months of the year.


Ho cho.

I had my first mug of the season last night, while curled up in bed, and it was glorious!  Honestly, on a cold evening can you really beat a steaming mug of hot chocolate?!

reasons happy Autumn

Bright, cold, crisp, sunny days.

While I don’t love the boiling hot sunny days of summer, I do absolutely love sunshine.  I just prefer it in the colder months when it results in beautiful bright, crisp days.


Rainy days.

I know some people get a bit down when it rains.  But something about it is soothing to me.

There’s a cosiness to being in the house with the rain pouring down outside, or even to being out in it with the sound of the raindrops hitting your umbrella.

And now I have kids I can embrace the fun of rain again, digging out my wellies and sploshing in puddles!


Take it slow.

Cooking that is.  I’ve not really used our slow cooker in a while, and I’m really looking forward to getting it going again when the evenings get colder.  Autumn and winter nights are perfect for a carrot and lentil soup, or a sausage casserole, and using the slow cooker is such a great way to make them, filling the house with their gorgeous smells all day.


Time to celebrate! 

The summer is a big season for birthdays in my family, but autumn and winter bring with them some lovely occasions to celebrate.  My husband’s birthday, bonfire night, our anniversary, and Christmas amongst others.

So don’t tell me there’s nothing to look forward to at the end of summer!


How about you?  Are you happy that autumn is on its way, or are you sad to see the long summer days come to an end?


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