Photograph your family's winter outdoor adventures

How to capture your family’s outdoor adventures this winter

We live near the beach here in Swansea, and I absolutely love going down there for walks all year round.

Sometimes I think I actually prefer it in the colder months, when it’s that bit more wild and much quieter.  The children love it too, with the freedom to run around and the fun of looking out for treasure brought in on the tides.

If you love to get out on adventures with your family in winter, but find you don’t take as many photos when you’re out this time of year, then hopefully these tips will get you capturing a few more of those chilly trips out.


Have a plan

If you’re going out and about to somewhere you’ve been to before, have a think before you go about the photos you’d like to take.

This way you can get yourself in position when you get there.  Then you can quickly get the photo you want and get on with enjoying the time with your family.

Having a plan and knowing the kinds of photos you want to take will also stop you shooting haphazardly and having to sort through hundreds of pictures when you get home.


Work quickly

Chances are your children won’t want to be out for quite as long in the cold weather, so take the photos you want to take as quickly as possible.

If you’ve followed the first tip then you’ll have an idea of the photos you want to take.  Stick to your plan, work quickly and then put the camera away for a bit and enjoy the time with your family before everyone needs to head home and warm up!


Freeze the action 

If your children are anything like mine then you’ll need this tip.

My children like to run around, and jump about, and throw sticks and stones into any body of water they come across.  And the best photos of these moments come when you’re able to freeze the action rather than have images full of motion blur.

So set your camera to a good fast shutter speed before you start snapping.  You might need to use a wider aperture or a higher ISO to compensate if it’s a gloomy day but it’s worth it for these action shots.


Embrace the weather

Don’t let the winter weather put you off from taking photos.

Some of my favourite photos were taken on grey, gloomy days.  And rainy days are so much fun for photos, if you can either catch a break in the showers or protect your camera while out in the wet.


Dress in bright colours

The winter can be quite flat, colour-wise.

With the bare trees and hardly any flowers showing their faces, you sometimes need to add some colour to your outdoor adventure photos yourself.

So dress everyone in brightly coloured clothes before you head out.  Even if it just a colourful scarf or bobble hat to add a pop of colour to the pictures.


Tell the story of your adventure

When you plan out the photos you want to take, think about telling the story of your trip out.

Move back and take wide shots that capture the scenery of where you are.  Get in close and get those detail shots like little hands in mittens, bright coloured wellies and fluffy tops on bobble hats.

If there’s a certain spot you always stop for a snack, or a tree your kids always want to climb, make sure you photograph those moments that make up the story.


Make sure you get in some photos too

I know.  I always go on about this, but only because it’s so important.

Set the timer, use a remote, grab a random passer-by.

Do whatever you have to do to get in some of those winter adventure photos with your family.  Make sure you show you were there too.


So there you have it, my top tips for photographing your outdoor adventures this winter.

Have I tempted you to head out with your camera one day soon?!

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