Good study habits for children

5 good study habits for children

If you want your child to succeed in school, they will need to adopt good study habits. It takes more than natural flair to do well as a student, although this undoubtedly helps.

Here are 5 good study habits, suggested by a senior school in Surrey, which will be valuable to your child. 



1. Get enough sleep

Of course, this is easier said than do for many children, but getting enough sleep is vital for excellent performance at school. As a parent, you need to ensure that your child has a comfortable bed to sleep in and they don’t eat too much sugar in the run up to bed time.

What’s more, hydration is also important for decent quality sleep so make sure your child drinks enough water. 


2. Have a positive attitude

Pessimism won’t get your child very far in life. Try and encourage them to be positive about their school work.

They need a can-do attitude, so you should try and focus on their strengths and praise them regularly when you see that they are working hard.


3. Tidy up!

A messy bedroom or study space will not aid effective thinking.

Your child’s study environment needs to be neat and organised so make sure to provide them with their own bin and perhaps a bookshelf where they can keep their text books. 


4. Set realistic goals

Encourage your child to set themselves small, achievable goals.

Ticking off short-term objectives will give your child a continual sense of achievement, which will help keep them motivated. This is far more beneficial to your child’s confidence than setting unrealistic goals that are then not met.


5. Introduce consistency

Short bursts of study each evening after school will be better for your child’s learning journey than relentless revision right before an exam.

The phrase “little and often” is important in this instance and will reduce the likelihood of boredom setting in.


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