Helping your child with social skills

Helping your child with their social skills

When you socialise, you can make so many friends and contacts from so many places. For some people it doesn’t come as naturally as others, but it is a solid way of forming bonds with your parents, building relationships and learning about others.

For children it’s also a great way of building their vocabulary and strengthening their speaking skills.

So how can you help your child with their social skills? Read on with this guide from this junior school in Surrey to help your child with their social skills.


Get them to join a club

Clubs, extracurricular activities and sports societies are regularly hosted by schools in order for children to progress and use their skills taught during school time in other activities.

A key part of these clubs and societies is to encourage children to speak to each other and make new friends, improving their communication skills.


Outdoor play opportunities

Play time with kids is a great way of giving your child the chance to have some fun that doesn’t revolve around learning.

These can be held with other children they know as well – a popular reason why break times at schools are always employed. Playing with toys and other tools boosts your child’s creativity and inquisitiveness.


Parent and child activities

In a child’s primary school years there tends to be a stronger focus on involving parents in regular activities or bringing parents into the school at the start and end of a school day. Children gain confidence from their parents a lot of the time and they can use that chance to be happier and friendlier towards other children and friends.

Parents are also invited to a lot of activities that happen in the school as well, like sports days, games days and summer “Olympic” events.


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