Get in more photos for your family

5 ways to make sure you get in more photos

As a parent I bet you have thousands of photos of your children.  But how many photos of you will they have when they’re older?

If you’re always the one behind the camera, taking the photos, capturing the memories, then you need to make a real effort to get in front of the camera and make sure you’re in more of your family’s photos.

You want your children to look back at pictures of their childhoods and see you there with them.

It can be easier said than done though, to get in the habit of actually being in more photos.  So here are my ideas for 5 things you can try to start getting in front of the camera more and existing in photos for your children.


1. Commit to a family photo project

One of the best things I ever did to make sure I get in more photos with my family was to start joining in with the me and mine project.

All you have to do is take a family photo each month.  If you have a blog you can share your photos there, or pop them up on Instagram.  Or you can keep it as a personal project and print your photos to display at home.

The point is just to make a commitment to doing it every month.


2. Set reminders to take more photos

When you’re not used to getting in front of the camera it can be far too easy to fall back into old habits of just taking pictures of your children.

So set up reminders as prompts to get in some photos with them.

You can keep it really simple, with an alarm set on your phone each week to remind you to grab your phone and take a group selfie with your family.

Or you can go all out and schedule a family photo session in your calendar.  Plan a day and time that you’ll head out together with the camera and a remote trigger and take some photos all together.

happy family photo on a beach

3. Join in with online communities

Get inspired to get in more photos by scrolling through different hashtags on Instagram, and then commit to taking and posting your own snaps too.

Here are some ideas for hashtags to try:







4. Let go of perfection

Stop overthinking everything when it comes to having your photo taken and remember the real reason you’re doing it.

You’re doing it for your family.  So that in the future they’ll have photos of you to look back on.  So that they’ll have that proof that you were there, enjoying their childhood with them.

And your family do not care if your hair is a bit greasy.  Or if there’s a stain on your top from breakfast.  Or if there’s a load of mess in the background of the photo.

So stop making excuses and waiting for things to be perfect before you get in front of the camera.

Grab your phone.  Grab your children.  Snap a selfie.

Dig out your camera.  Set the timer.  Capture some real, perfectly imperfect memories with your family.

5. Make a deal with a friend to take photos for each other

One of the big obstacles to overcome to get in more photos is having someone to actually take the photos for you.

If you don’t want all your pictures to be selfies but find that setting up a camera and a timer feels like too much work to do regularly, then make a deal with a friend or family member to take photographs for each other.

Whenever you meet your friend and their children at the park, make a point of taking a photo of them with their family and let them do the same for you.

On days out with your partner make sure you hand them the camera or your phone a few times and ask them to take photos with you in too.

Talk to the people in your life about how important it is to you that you exist in more photos.  Ask as many of them as you can to let you take pictures of them, and for them to take photos of you.


Hopefully at least one of these ideas will have inspired you to pick up your camera… and then hand it over to someone else so you can get in some more photos!

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