Help your child stay motivated to learn at home

Helping your child stay motivated to learn at home

Whether your child is a teenager or a toddler, they will need to be kept entertained in some way whilst schools are closed. However, this doesn’t mean they can play on their digital devices all day or watch hours of television; they need to continue to learn so that they don’t fall behind when they eventually return to school.

As a parent, you can help motivate your child and encourage them to find some educational activities to keep them busy.

Here are some tips from an independent school in Leicestershire.


Most schools are providing learning resources online that students can download and complete. Make sure your child has somewhere quiet, tidy and well-lit where they can do this schoolwork, that is free from distractions.

If they can hear their sibling watching TV in another room, they will not feel motivated to complete the work to a high standard and will rush it so that they can get back to enjoying themselves.


While it’s important for your child to check the work they need to do daily and finish the tasks set by their teachers, there are also other things you can do as a family.

Since the weather seems to have improved in recent weeks, it’s worth getting your family outdoors for some fresh air and exercise. There are so many learning opportunities outside so it’s a great opportunity to spark your child’s interest and enrich their academic experience. As well as discussing things like different types of birds, trees and other aspects of nature, you could also consider setting up a little vegetable patch in the garden.

This is a rewarding activity that will teach your child how to look after their plants with patience and dedication.


Encourage your child to read lots of books, as this will help improve their spelling, grammar and vocabulary. You could even consider initiating a little family book club, where once a week you all get together and discuss the events of the books you’ve been reading.

When your child is explaining theirs to you, ask them to use lots of adjectives and discuss any key elements of the genre. If your child is really up for a challenge, you could suggest that they re-write the end of their book.


There are lots of educational board games you can play as a family that will help your child with various skills, from problem-solving to maths. They are also a great way to disguise the fact that your child is learning as they will be having so much fun!

There are learning opportunities in almost everything we do, as long as you choose to see it that way. With that in mind, you shouldn’t be short of a few things to keep your child busy.


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