Planning for number 2_ Buying a second car for the family

Planning for number 2: Buying a second car for the family

As our children get older we find we have to start planning for the future in ways that are likely to stretch the budget.  Either we need to upgrade to a new home or we have to change jobs, but one of the most common expenses for a growing family is getting a second car.

So many families need a second car, but what is the best way to go about getting one that’s not just within your budget, but is suitable for everyone?

How family-friendly does it need to be?

You may already have a hatchback which means that the second car might not have to be so family-friendly. If you are looking for something that is able to go the distance and your children are getting a bit older you could very easily spring for a used Audi rather than something that was used to carry baby seats and all of the various items.

As your children get older you can go for something with a bit more edge to it, especially as your children need more independence. It’s very likely that you will be picking up the children from school and doing very little else with it so you can make it your own!


Who else is going to be driving it?

As your children get older, they may very well want to start learning to drive; and it’s a cheaper option for you to give them a go of the car rather than forking out for lots of lessons. But this means that when your children pass their test you might end up giving this car over to them. In which case, you don’t want to be going for something incredibly expensive.

But also, one of the more common complaints parents have when their children take the cars that they never fill it back up with petrol. In which case, are you better off getting a little run-around so your children can use it and you make the most of the main car?


What are you using this car for?

If you’re getting a second car because you need to make numerous trips yourself, it’s far better for you to get something cheap and cheerful. You could go for a used car or pick something up on finance. If it’s for you and you only because your partner needs the main car, it doesn’t necessarily have to be something that doesn’t guzzle petrol. But at the same time, you can choose something that is a little bit more stylish if you are fed up with your family-friendly hatchback.

An extra car is a considerable expense and it’s only worth buying another vehicle if you are truly going to get the most out of it. Many families need two cars because both parents are working but you have to consider just how expensive it will be.

As your children get older, you start to invest in so many different things that can push your budget to its limits – do you want a second car to be one of those things?


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