Getting your child to be more active in the chillier months

Getting your child to be more active in the chillier months

When winter time comes around, it’s very easy to get snuggled up on the sofa and not move for three or four months. Getting up in the dark, shivering cold mornings and generally greyer days mean we all wish we could stay in bed and forget about leaving the house.

Naturally, getting up and about, doing some exercise and keeping yourself fit can get a bit lost during this time, and that goes for both you and the kids. Your children are just as likely to want to stay in front of the TV as you are, so what can you be doing to keep them active, engaged and entertained in the colder months?

Getting your child to be more active in the chillier months


Get Out in the Snow

We all have wonderful childhood memories of playing in the snow, whether it be hurtling down a hill on a rickety sledge, pelting each other with snowballs or building the snowman to defeat all snowmen. Having fun in the snow should be a part of any child’s growing up, and it’s also a great way to get your kids outside, enjoying themselves and getting some fresh air.

This one’s not too tough a sell either; the kids will be chomping at the bit to start having some fun. And if you’re a tad wary of sledging or snowball fights, there’s plenty of safer activities to be getting up to, like making snow angels or drawing in the snow.


Embrace Winter Sports

Take some inspiration from the Winter Olympics and introduce your children to winter sports. There’s plenty of unusual and super fun ones to try, and you never know, you might find your child has a liking or talent for one.

Ice skating is a great family activity for all to enjoy and doesn’t need to be taken too seriously. You could also try a snowboarding or skiing lesson, whether that’s on holiday or down at the local indoor slope. If you fancy something more high-octane, retailers like Proline Skates are making Ice Hockey more accessible than ever.

Embrace the winter as a time to try something new, and your kids could find something they absolutely love.


Ideas for Home

Of course, you need to think about how to keep things busy at home. Chances are the kids will happily sit on the PlayStation all day, every day if you let them, so you’ll do well to think of some fun games for the house as well.

Counter the video gaming obsession with an active game for you and the kids to enjoy. You should be able to find a fitness or dance based title for any of the popular consoles, and this will get everyone moving indoors as well as out.

Away from the TV, there’s lots of great indoor activity ideas out there to choose from. The good news is most of them won’t cost you a penny, and they’re a great excuse to get you and the children spending some quality time together.


Next time you see the cold weather closing in, see it as an opportunity to experience something new with the kids. Whether it’s sledging, skating or building an indoor fort, there’s potential to make some great memories.


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