Clutter busting tips for busy parents

Clutter busting tips for busy parents

I feel like I should start with a bit of a disclaimer for this post.  I’m no clutter-busting expert.  My home is full of ‘stuff’ and at times it drives me up the wall when I look around and can’t see a single clear surface.

What I’m hoping is that by writing this post of tips for ways us busy parents can get on top of clutter I might actually be able to take some of it on board and get my own house in order.

So for me and any other parents out there who are struggling with clutter at home, here are the top clutter busting tips that I’ve managed to find:

Clutter busting tips for busy parents


Channel Marie Kondo

First things first.  Get started by basically going through everything in your home and have a big clear out.

Any items that you don’t need or use regularly, or that you don’t absolutely love, need to go.  It might take a bit of time initially to go through the process but once it’s done it’ll make the house feel much calmer, and much quicker to clean.  So I’m told anyway.  This is a job we’ve sort of started in our house but we definitely still have a long way to go.


Pick just one

One problem a lot of people have when they try to declutter is coming across multiples of the same thing.

When this happens you need to be bold and pick just one of them to keep, and pass the rest on.  You don’t need 3 tin openers.  Just pick out the one you reach for most often and lose the rest.

The same goes for new items that might come into your home.

If your child brings home 10 paintings a week from nursery, then pick out their favourite to keep and put on the fridge.  The rest can be photographed and then recycled.


Give every item a home

One of the biggest issues with clutter is having things that don’t have a set ‘home’.  If you don’t know where to put an item, it ends up just floating around.  Being moved from place to place, always slightly in the way.

So find a home for every thing in your house.  And get in the habit of putting things back in the right place as soon as you’ve finished using them.

One thing to think about when finding homes for everything is where you actually use the item.  Not where you think you use it, but where you actually use it.  It might be that you have all you baby’s nappies and wipes etc upstairs in the nursery, but you actually change their nappy more often in the lounge.

In this case think about setting up a basket downstairs where you can stash everything you need for nappy changes.  This way you have a tidy place to put all the bits away rather than having them dotted across the lounge.


Keep track of what you have

Have you ever bought a big pack of nappies, then realised a day later that you already had some in that size from when you stocked up when they were on offer the month before?

If you know what you have (and where it is) in your home you can make sure you get the best use out of everything, and don’t end up buying duplicates that you don’t need.


Set up routines

One of the best things you can do to keep clutter at bay is to set up routines.

Set up a schedule for things that need to be done on a daily and weekly basis.  Things like laundry, meal planning and food shopping, sorting mail and filing, can all be scheduled in for set days each week so you can keep on top of things as much as possible.


So there you have it.  

I think for me and my family the big thing once we’ve had a clear out will be putting routines in place.  I tend to find that things get messy and cluttered up really quickly if I don’t keep on top of them constantly.

So what we need most is a routine for tidying up, sorting mail, doing the washing and so on.

Which of these tips do you think would make the biggest impact in your home?  Or have you already managed to tame the clutter?  Leave me a comment and let me know!

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