The best vehicles for your family

Getting around for less: The best vehicles for your family

Getting from A to B becomes increasingly difficult when you have a family.

If you have children or pets, sometimes, it can seem like a logistical operation just to get out of the door. When searching for a vehicle that will tick every box, it’s wise to consider your lifestyle, as well as your financial situation before you decide what kind of car or van to buy.

If you’re on the hunt for a new vehicle, here are some options to explore and some tips to help you get around for less.

Family cars

There are several different types of cars on the market today, and there’s a host of models that are geared towards families. In the past, family cars tended to be large and more functional than funky, but today’s models deliver on style and size. You can choose from estates, spacious hatchbacks, SUVs, and MPVs, and there’s a vehicle for every budget. If you’re looking for a new car, but you don’t want to spend a fortune, consider buying a used vehicle, or explore finance options. If you’re willing to go for a nearly new or a used car, for example, you could save a significant sum. Paying monthly makes it easier to afford modern vehicles, and you can switch every few years to ensure that you’ve got a vehicle that is suitable for your family. 


With such a vast range of makes and models available for families, it can be difficult to determine which car is best. When you’re visiting showrooms or looking at private listings, think about your priorities, set a budget, and search for features that will enhance your individual experience. Safety is always a concern for parents, and you might also be keen to consider boot size, the number of seats, and fuel efficiency. 


Vans and trucks

If you plan to use your car for work and play, and you need plenty of space, it may be worth considering in a van or a truck. With this option, you can pop to the shops, as well as being able to store and transport tools and equipment you need for work. As with cars, there’s a raft of vans and trucks available, and some will suit your needs better than others. If you are interested in buying a van, or you think a 4X4 truck would be the perfect addition to your driveway, take a look at and compare makes and models. This option might not work for every family, but it may be an ideal choice if you don’t want to use separate vehicles for work and leisure time, or you’re looking for a vehicle that is predominantly used for work purposes, but can serve both. 


Getting around for less

Buying and running vehicles costs money, and it can eat into your household income. If you’re looking to save money on getting from one place to another and keeping cars and trucks on the road, there are some steps you can take. Consider opting for more fuel-efficient, greener vehicles, compare insurance quotes from different providers, and shop around for the best car finance deals. It’s also a good idea to compare petrol prices and to take advantage of rewards schemes and loyalty bonuses and vouchers at your local petrol station. For more tips, check out


If you’re looking for a new family-friendly vehicle, and you’re on a mission to save money, hopefully, you’ll find this guide helpful. 


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