Flooring ideas for the whole house

Flooring ideas for each room of the house

With plenty of flooring options available, it can sometimes make it hard picking the perfect choice for each room. The floors in your home take lots of abuse, with shoes piling up everywhere, lots of foot traffic all the time and paws scampering around, even dragging heavy items on it! 

So, if you’re looking to re floor one room or doing up your entire home, you’ll need to think about the uses of each room before you make any firm decisions. For example, carpet might be perfect for one room, but a big no in another. Here are some pointers to keep in mind…


Protect your kitchen with laminate 

Although real wood might be suitable if you come from a quiet household where spillages aren’t as common, most of us need something highly practical in the kitchen. With it being amongst the highest foot traffic rooms in the home, something that’s going to stand a lot of abuse is very important.

Not only this, but all sorts gets dropped on the floor, so something that won’t stain easily and cope with some water exposure is worth having. With this being said, laminate certainly comes out on top – it all depends on what household you come from. It’s also inexpensive, nobody can say no to this! 


Create a grand first impression in the hallway with parquet wood

Probably the highest foot traffic area in the house, everyone that enters your home will walk over this space. Therefore, something very durable and won’t show wear even after lots of use is paramount. Equally, the hallway isn’t typically somewhere that’s going to see lots of food and water dropped on it. With this in mind, there’s no better choice than wood flooring, which is traditionally the most durable flooring choice.

Additionally, with the hallway being the first impressions guests will get of your home, something that is impressive and beautiful is nearly as important. With so many wood types, colours and finishes available it can be hard to know where to start! We’d recommend parquet wood – created to really give the wow factor and a luxurious statement, your guests will be blown away! 


Be protected in your bathroom with Luxury Vinyl Tiles

Although the bathroom isn’t somewhere you host your family gatherings (sorry if you do) something resilient and care free is important. Not only does LVT look strikingly similar to natural products but it’s really low maintenance – so you’re not even sacrificing style!

It is scratch, water and stain proof, ideal as the bathroom is very likely to have high exposure to these.  


Relax in style and warmth with engineered wood in your living room

Although solid wood has many of its own unique features, engineered wood comes out on top in terms of practicality and usefulness. The main distinctions between the two is that engineered is able to cope with the differing temperatures of under floor heating.

Not only is this a warm and comforting feature to have in your living room but will also help the selling value when it is time to move on.


Wind down with carpet in your bedroom

The bedroom is the ultimate relaxation place, somewhere we settle down after a busy day at work and acts as our safe space. With this being said, either carpet or real wood are great options. Both of them stylish and comforting, offering a homely feel, as well as complementing many different furnishings and interior themes, so you should have no concerns if you do decide to change things around. 


Although we could go on forever discussing every flooring choice for every room you could have in your home, we hope you’ve found this useful and you can draw something from it and given you some inspiration.


Disclosure: this is a collaborative post

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