How make room for your children's new toys this Christmas

How to make room for your children’s new toys this Christmas

Christmas is on the way (or it has already passed depending on when you’re reading this), and if your home is like many others up and down the country, it is possibly piled high with your children’s toys. From fairy tale castles to piles of lego (and anything else besides), moving around at home without stepping on something could be quite difficult.

And thanks to Christmas, there will be more toys than ever before, which is surely something you will be thinking of if you’re currently on the hunt for perfect presents for your children. Just how are you going to make room for them all? Other than moving to a bigger house, you will need to find a solution somewhere.

Well, to help you, here are some suggestions. 

1. Give the rest of your home a good clearout

To accommodate your children’s new toys, you might need to take a long hard look at the other things that are fighting for space. You might have pieces of furniture that are no longer being used, and there could be items in your storage spaces that are needlessly taking up room.

To create more floor and storage space, it could be time for a good clearout. Pick out those items you no longer need anymore, and either sell them, donate them, or send them to a recycling facility with the help of a house clearance service. 


2. Donate your children’s old toys

For those toys that your children aren’t playing with anymore, consider donating to them to those who are more needy. There could be children in your neighbourhood who could make use of them, for example, or you might want to give them to a charity.

Homeless shelters, hospital children wards, and local schools are three other places where you can donate the toys. 


3. Create more storage space in your children’s room

Of course, your children’s toys are probably spread all over the house, but you should still confine them to your children’s bedrooms when possible. This can be difficult when there isn’t enough storage space, but there are ways to make more space.

You could add shelving units, for example, or you could buy beds and other pieces of children’s furniture that double up as storage. Check out these other genius storage ideas and consider some of them for your children’s bedrooms (or playrooms).


4. Sell your children’s toys

You might need to make some extra money after your Christmas spend, so sell those toys your children no longer want to play with. You might even sell those toys that turned out to be unwanted Christmas gifts, although you probably shouldn’t tell the people who bought them.

Be mindful, however. Taking inspiration from these old toys that are now worth a lot of money, you might want to hold a few back in case they become collector’s items later. There might even be toys in your house now that are worth a lot of money, so commit to research before giving everything away.


Those were just a few ideas, so I hope they were useful to you. If you have any other tips and tricks, please let me know in the comments section below. 

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