_How to find perfect presents for the children in your life

How to find perfect presents for all the children in your life

Trying to find the perfect presents for the children in your life can be so tricky, especially when the children you’re buying for are all different ages with completely different interests.

And this year it’s probably going to be even trickier, with it being harder to head out to the high street and shopping centres to browse for gifts.

Don’t panic though, with the help of online shopping (honestly, I don’t know what I’d do without the internet!) and a bit of creativity you can find perfect presents for all the different children in your life that you need to buy for.


One of the first stops you should make online is Wicked Uncle.

Honestly this site is amazing for finding fun, exciting, unique presents for kids.

The biggest problem I tend to have is trying to find things for children that are different ages from my own children.  My two are 9 and 6 at the moment, so I don’t really have a clue what to buy for a 12 year old, for example.

This is where Wicked Uncle comes in.

On the home page you can select the age of the child you’re buying for and then you get presented with a whole load of suggestions for toys, games, books, and fun educational kits that are suitable for the age you selected.

If there are too many ideas for you to choose from and you feel a bit overwhelmed, you can click to see the most popular gifts for the age you’ve chosen.

You can also browse ideas in categories, like engineer, role play, and sensory, if you know the type of present you’re looking for.

There are so many different ideas on Wicked Uncle, you could easily get all the children on  your list ticked off in one go.  And if you really want to save yourself some time you can even use their gift wrapping and card writing service, and get everything taken care of all at once.


If you’d rather get a bit more hands-on when it comes to present-buying but you’re not sure exactly what to get, then a child-friendly hamper is a really fun option.

You could fill it with all sorts of little gifts, each individually wrapped to make it special and exciting for the child to open up.

Things like sweets and chocolates, bath bombs, hair clips, key rings, card games, magic tricks, sticker books, fidget toys and blind bags are all pretty much guaranteed to be a hit and can be adapted for different ages and interests.


If you want to stay away from ‘stuff’ altogether then you could look at giving an experience as a gift instead.

We might not be able to do very much or visit many places at the moment, but you could still give a gift voucher for something like a horse riding lesson, or a trip to the zoo, or the cinema that could be used when things (hopefully) start to open up again.

You could even go the home-made route with this, and make your own gift voucher for something like a home spa day that you could then put on and enjoy with your nieces and nephews.

What I love about this idea is that you can completely tailor it for each child you need a present for, so it’s perfectly suited to them and what they enjoy doing.


Hopefully this post has given you some ideas for where to look for the perfect present for all the children in your life.

How many children do you normally give presents to at Christmas?

Do you find it hard finding the perfect gifts for them or do you enjoy the process of hunting for something they’ll really love?


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