Ways to make your baby's first Christmas special

7 ways to make your baby’s first Christmas special

Christmas is a magical time for children of all ages, but there is something especially special about your baby’s very first Christmas.

The twinkly lights, the festive smells, the rustle of wrapping paper and the fun of stockings all add up to something wonderful when you get to see it all through the eyes of your baby.

Things might not be quite the way we thought they’d be this year, but if it’s your baby’s first Christmas then there are still loads of things you can do to really make it special.


1. Make your own keepsakes

In a few years time you’ll find it hard to believe that your baby was as small as they are now.  So making some keepsake ornaments using their hand or footprints is a really lovely way to record how tiny they are for their first Christmas.

You can make them really easily by making up some salt dough and gently pressing their hands or feet into it.  Then once the dough has cooked and cooled you can paint it or decorate it with glitter.  Just remember to make a little hole at the top with a skewer or a straw before baking if you want to be able to hang it on the tree.


2.  Read Christmas stories in the run up to Christmas day

If you have a ‘bath, book, bed’ routine in the evenings, then get some new Christmas themed books that you can read at bedtime in the days around Christmas.

You can then pack them away carefully in January and bring them out again next year to enjoy all over again.


3. Put together a Christmas eve box

Chances are you’ve seen this tradition shared online, and if it’s one you want to do with your family then why not start it for your baby’s first Christmas.

You can keep it simple when they’re babies, with something like a new Christmas sleepsuit, a new special Christmas book to read at bedtime, and some reindeer food and a special plate to leave a treat out for Father Christmas.


4. Get them a special Christmas outfit. 

Depending on how old your baby will be at Christmas you can get them a simple festive babygrow to wear, a little Christmas jumper or a full-on fancy outfit.

If you really want to mark the occasion of their first Christmas though you can get an outfit with ‘baby’s first Christmas’ written on it.  And you can top it all off with a special festive bib for their first taste of Christmas dinner.


5.  Take plenty of photos

Once you’ve got them dressed up in their Christmas clothes (but before they tuck into their dinner) make sure to take plenty of photos.

If they can sit up on their own then take some photos of them sitting up in front of the Christmas tree.  And it they’re still too little to do that then you could still get some lovely photos of them lying down among the gifts under the tree.

Other than that, just keep the camera on hand throughout the day so you can snap all the little, special moments as they happen.


6. Make a memory box

When Christmas is over and you start taking down your decorations and packing things away, take a bit of time to pick out a few key items to tuck away in a special memory box.

It might be the special sleepsuit your baby wore on Christmas eve, or their bib from Christmas dinner.  You might also include a few cards or gift tags from special people in their lives.  Another really lovely idea is to saw a round off the trunk of your tree (if you have a real one!) and write the year on one side as a special memento of baby’s first Christmas tree.


7. Keep presents simple but get them one keepsake gift

Babies really don’t need much for Christmas.  I know it can be tempting to get carried away with buying them presents, but they really will be more interested in the wrapping paper and the boxes than the things wrapped up in them.

Of course if you want to splash out then go for it, but honestly on their first Christmas my advice would be to keep presents nice and simple.

To make things that bit more special though you could get one, lovely keepsake gift.  This could be a special bauble that can then be hung on the tree each year, a piece of jewellery to tuck away for when they’re older, or a personalised book for them to cherish as they get older.


Christmas won’t be the same this year, and we might not be able to celebrate in all the ways we normally would, but hopefully the ideas in this post will help make your baby’s first Christmas extra special for all of you.


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