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The photo I’m thankful for – #ShowYouWereThere guest post series

Welcome to my new guest blog post series – The photo I’m thankful for.

This is a project that has been swirling round in my head for a long time now, and I’m really excited to get it out of there and onto here.

Now, I’m not sure if this is the done thing, but for the first week I’m going to be my own guest, and feature my photos that I am thankful for.

That’s what this guest post series is all about.  You might know that I go on a lot around here about how important it is for us all to get in more photos, well this is a continuation of that.

I want people to share with me the photo of themselves that they’re really happy was taken.  A photo that captures a moment in time that means a lot to them.  A photo of them with someone they don’t see much anymore.  A photo that they know they’ll look back on in the future and be really thankful for.

I’ve got a few photos that I’m sharing in this first post.  Some of them I’ll admit are sort of cliches, but I’ve decided that’s ok.  Things are often cliches for a reason.  And these photos of the big moments in my life are ones I am really thankful I have photos of.

So, enough talking, on to the photos!

This first one is from 2007, when Steve and I flew out to the South of France to meet my parents for a holiday.  It was the first time we’d done anything like that, and it’s something I’ll always remember.

My Mum has always said that you can tell when Steve is the one taking a photo of me because of the way I’m smiling in it, and I think that is really true of this picture.  There’s a bit of a sparkle in my eyes that does tend to be just for him!    It’s quite scary to think that this photo was taken 10 years ago, and I do look really quite young in it.  I love looking at this though, and thinking how different life was back then, before we got married and had the children.  The girl in that photo?  I’m not sure I’m really her any more, so much has changed in the last 10 years.  Not everything changes though, there’s still a sparkle in my eyes when Steve takes a photo of me!

The photo I'm thankful for 3


The next photo is a more cliched one, but I’m extremely thankful for it.

In case you can’t guess, it’s from our wedding day, only a few months after the photo in France was taken.

We got married in County Hall in Swansea, and walked over to the beach after the ceremony for some champagne.  It was a tiny wedding, only about 12 of us there, but luckily our friend Dave agreed to take some photos for us.

I’ll always be grateful to him for that, those photos that he took mean so much to me.  And I love that they so perfectly capture what our day was about.  In the future, we can show these to our children, and they can see how much love they were born into.

The photo I'm thankful for 2


The next photo is me and my family.  It’s a snapshot really, taken by my niece.  But again, I’m so thankful for it.  I don’t see my family that often as we live quite far apart, so whenever I get the chance I make everyone get in a photo with me.

These family photos mean so much to me now, and I know they’ll mean the world to me one day.

The photo I'm thankful for


The last pictures I’m sharing are real cliches.  They’re of me and my babies, right after they were born.

The first one, of Rhys, is so important to me because I had been on gas and air for so long by the time he arrived that, honestly, my memories of those first moments are hazy at best.  And as for the photos of Nerys, I really didn’t think they existed until I went on a mission looking for them for this post!

I thought Steve must have taken some of me and her together, but they weren’t in the folder on the computer with the rest of her photos.  I really had started to believe that maybe we were both just a little surprised that she was actually here and that we didn’t take any photos!

But a dig around his old phone photos revealed a little treasure trove of memories.  There’s a photo of me with monitors taped to my stomach, tracking Nerys’ movements and then, from just over an hour later, there’s a photo of her in my arms.

The photos I'm thankful for

These photos, I’m so thankful for.  Those were some defining moments for me.  The moments my life changed.  And I’m so happy I have the photos that show I was there.


Now, over to you.

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If you have a photo and a story to tell please do get in touch.

I would love to hear all about the photos you are thankful for.  The photos that show you were there.  The photos your children will be so thankful for in the future.

I’m looking for photos that show who you are now, or who you used to be.  The photos that capture those moments that mean the world to you.  The photos that show those tiny, everyday moments that seem so ordinary now, but will mean so much more in years to come.

Oh there are so many possibilities here!

Maybe you have a photo of you that made you realise how beautiful you are, just as you are.

Or a photo of you doing something that makes you feel really proud, that you’ll love to talk to your children about when they’re older.

It could be a photo of you and an adored pet who is no longer around.

And it doesn’t necessarily have to be you in the photo.  If you have a photo that means the world to you, of your parents or a sibling, or an old friend, that counts to.   The point here is to celebrate photos, and how important it is to take them and to be in them.

If this sounds like something you’d like to get involved with then email me at


#ShowYouWereThere round up

‘Show you were there’ round up (week five)

April is here.  Which means that my month-long project to get in a photo every day is over.  Which also means that these weekly round ups will be much less about me, and much more about photos shared by other people using #ShowYouWereThere.

Each week from now on I’ll be sharing my favourite photos from the instagram community, along with one photo of myself.  I want to keep some momentum going from my challenge, and I think knowing I’ll be writing this post every week will push me to make sure I do get in a photo every week!

So here we go, these are the photos that have caught my eye and made me smile over on instagram this week:


A big thank you to Susie from This is me now, Katy from Hot pink wellingtons, Cath from Passports and Adventures and Sarah from A Mother day for sharing your gorgeous photos with #ShowYouWereThere.

It makes me smile so much when I look at instagram and see people using #ShowYouWereThere, and I really hope you’ll keep joining in with this.

Now for my turn.

I think this is my favourite photo of me from this past week.

Me and my girl, a quick snap taken with the camera set up on the kitchen work surface.  Sometimes I stress about getting in these photos, thinking it’ll take ages to get everything set up, and to get a ‘good’ shot.  In reality though, it doesn’t always have to be stressful.

Sometimes it takes seconds.  

Show you were there round up 5


I would absolutely love to see more and more people joining in and getting in more photos with and for their loved ones.  

Please do share your pictures on instagram using #ShowYouWereThere, I love seeing them all and choosing my favourites each week to feature here on my blog.

a month of photos

A month of photos 2017 (#ShowYouWereThere)

So that’s it.  We’ve reached the end of March, which means I’ve reached the end of my month-long challenge to get in a photo everyday.  I started the project in 2015, and then did it again last year.  Each time pushing myself to be in a photo every day for the whole month.

I chose March mainly because that’s when Mother’s day is, and this seems like a nice way to celebrate that.  Making sure I exist in photos for my children.

I’m really pleased that I’ve managed to do it again for a third year, and that there’s quite a nice bit of variety in the photos that I got this time round.

So here we go, prepare yourself for a whole bunch of photos of me: 

a month of photos 1

a month of photos 2

a month of photos 3

Every time I do this challenge, I find that is just that, a challenge.

Some days I really struggle with it, trying to find different photos to take, when our daily routine is pretty much the same day after day.  I want to keep things interesting, and not just take the same selfie over and over again.  And honestly, it can be hard work at times to find a new way to get in a photo, or an interesting moment to capture.

Looking back at the photos I’ve got from this month though, I’m really pleased that I pushed through.

It’s interesting though, how different these photos are from the ones I took back in 2015.  That first year the photos were much more ‘real’ I think.  Most days I set the camera up somewhere, started the timer then just jumped in to the scene and captured a real moment.  This year, there are some like that but also a lot more posed portraits and detail shots.  I think I like the mix I have this year, but maybe next year I’ll try and get a few more of those documentary style photos again.



Now that March is over, I won’t be pushing myself to get in a photo every single day any more, but I will be aiming to do it at least once a week.  I’ve finally properly started a little instagram community aimed at getting more parents to be in more photos.  And I’m really thrilled that it is slowly starting to pick up.

People have been beginning to use #ShowYouWereThere on their photos and I’ve been featuring my 4 favourites from each week in a round up post here on the blog.

Going forward, I want to make sure I have a photo with me in it to share in my round up post too.  It means so much to me that my husband and I both exist in photos for our children.

Will you join me?  

Push yourself to get in more photos with, and for, your loved ones and then share them with me on instagram using #ShowYouWereThere!


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‘Show you were there’ round up (week four)

Week four of my month-long challenge to get in a photo every day.  And what a week it’s been!

We actually had some lovely sunny days here in Swansea this week, but have still been stuck in a lot of the time because the children caught another tummy bug.  So most of this week’s photos were taken in the house, and honestly I do find it a big of a struggle when that happens.

I’m pleased with the photos I got in the end though, so maybe I need to just relax a bit rather than stressing about the photos I’m taking!

show you were there

show you were there

show you were there

I quite like how this week’s photos feel ‘real’ to me.  

In a few of them I look tired, and my fringe is on the greasy side, but that’s just the way things are some days!  And I’m happy that I have those moments recorded, those days that aren’t quite picture-perfect.

They show quite an honest version of me and that can only be a good thing.

My favourite photo of the week though, has to be the last one of me and Rhys.  I really am lucky to have a husband who is so good at taking photos!



On to my round up of my favourite photos that have been shared on instagram using #ShowYouWereThere.

It has made me so happy to log on to instagram and see more photos pop up when I search for my hashtag!  I really love seeing all the parents stepping in front of the camera, and would love to see more of you do it too!

Here are my 4 favourite pictures from the past week:

View this post on Instagram

This isn't a good photo of me but i still still love it! It's so hard to get J to pose for a photo, especially with the rest of us so I'm just happy to be in a photo with both my babies. And i love the way miss A is looking up at him! We had a lovely weekend meeting up with my school friends and having a cup of tea and sneaky peek round @glutarama's new kitchen. But then we had a bit of a bump yesterday when J and Miss A both had an allergic reaction at a birthday party. They're both fine now but any reaction always throws me off a bit for a few days. And it was the first time they've both had a reaction together and to a 'may contain'. Allergies are an ongoing bumpy road but these little faces will always keep me trying to make it smoother!

A post shared by Emma Amoscato (@emma.amoscato) on


Thank you so much to Kerry from All about a mini Norris, Emma from Free from farmhouse, Cath from Passports and Adventures and Leah from Home family life.  I absolutely loved seeing your photos this week, and hope you’ll carry on sharing your gorgeous photos with me and #ShowYouWereThere.

To all you other parents out there, please do head over to instagram and join in too!


‘Show you were there’ round up (week three)

Week three of my month-long challenge to get in a photo every day and I’m really proud that I’m still going!

It’s been another pretty wet week here in Swansea, so once again most of my photos were taken inside.  We did venture out a couple of times though, just to the local park, so I think I’ve managed to get a nice variety of photos again, which I’m so happy with.

So, on with the photos!



Notice anything different in that last photo?  I may have chopped a couple of inches off my hair this week!  What do you think?

If you’re interested you can click on these links to see my photos from week one and week two.



I’m so, so happy to see that people are starting to join in with this little hashtag of mine!

If you have a photo that features YOU, either by yourself or with your children then please do use #ShowYouWereThere on it over on instagram.

This week I’m sharing these fab photos:



Thank you so much to Esther from Inside out and about, Sara from Ballsy Mama, Jo from Pickle and Poppet and Wendy from Naptime Natter for sharing your photos this week!

I’d love to see you all again next week, along with anyone else who would like to join in.

Make sure you exist in photos for your chidlren – show you were there!


stop excuses get in more photos

Stop making excuses and get in front of the camera #showyouwerethere

There are so many reasons we can give for not getting in more photos.  I’m sure if I asked you right now if I could take a quick photo of you, you could immediately give me a handful of reasons why you wouldn’t want me to do it.

I’ve even written a list before, of 8 reasons you shouldn’t have your photo taken.

The thing is, we can call them reasons, but lets be honest.  They’re really excuses aren’t they.

Unless you have a genuine phobia of having your photo taken, you need to stop making excuses and get in front of the camera.

Stop making excuses and get in front of the camera



Why does it matter so much that you’re in photos?  Sue Bryce said it best:

One day your children will look for photographs of you. What will they have?”

In years to come, your children will look back through the hundreds of photos you’ve taken of their childhood.  And yes, they’ll enjoy seeing themselves growing up.  But you know what they would love and treasure most of all?  Photos of YOU.

So, lets knock out some of those excuses shall we?


“I’ve got no one around to take photos of me/for me”

Right, lets get rid of this one first.  Yes, it makes life a lot easier if you have someone around who can act as your photographer for the day.  But not having someone to help is no real excuse for not being in photos!

Take a selfie, set a timer, buy a remote trigger, hell, go all out and book a photographer to get some professional photos taken!  There are so many options, I’ve listed them out in this post – How to be in more photos when you don’t have anyone to take them for you.


“I don’t have time”

I get this one.  I really do.  It can feel like a bit of a hassle sometimes, to find/make the time to get in photos.

But it really is just another excuse.  It’s been said again and again, if something is important to you, you will find the time for it.

Make getting in photos more a priority.  It doesn’t have to be every day.  But make a point once a month at least, to set aside a few minutes to be in some photos.  It doesn’t have to take long, especially if you do have someone else to act as photographer for you.


“I’m no good at taking photos”

Honestly, please don’t let this one stop you from being in photos.

You can learn so much about photography online these days, I’m sure if you dedicate just a bit of time to it your skills will improve quickly.  And you know what?  Even if your photos are still a bit blurry, or over exposed, or in any way less-than-perfect, it really doesn’t matter.  Think about it, I bet some of your favourite photos of your parents aren’t technically perfect.  But you still love them, don’t you?

Your children won’t care that your photos aren’t perfect, they’ll just care that they are photos of YOU.


“No one wants to see photos of me” or “I need to lose weight/colour my hair/hide my massive dark undereye circles before I can be in a photo”

I think if we’re honest with ourselves, most of the time it’s a mix of these 2 excuses that stops us getting in more photos.

We look at pictures of ourselves with such a critical eye.  We seem to be naturally drawn to our flaws and imperfections.

Believe me, I completely get this excuse.  And I have deleted photos of myself in the past that were just really unflattering.  But we have to get over it!  Honestly, you need to get in the photo NOW.

Please don’t wait until you feel you look good enough.  You are good enough to exist in photos right now, just as you are.


So there you have it.  4 classic excuses for not getting in front of the camera, all crushed!

Have I convinced you?  Or do you have other reasons for not being in more photos?  Please do leave me a comment and let me know!


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showyouwerethere week 2

‘Show you were there’ round up (week two)

I’m 2 weeks into my month-long challenge to get in a photo every single day.

Last week was relatively easy, as the month started part way through the week so I only needed to take 4 photos.

So this past week was the first full one I had to tackle, and it has been challenging.  We’ve been stuck in again a fair bit, thanks to a combination of wet weather and a sickness bug.

I was quite pleased then, to look back at the week’s photos and see that I had actually managed to get some nice variety again!

show you were there

I’m pleased that I’ve given myself permission to include photos like the last one.

While it doesn’t show much of me at all, I think it still shows a lot of ME, you know?  I’m pretty sure when my children are older, one of the things they’ll remember from their childhood is me drinking a lot of coffee!

And these kind of photos add some interest to the project as a whole.  Added together, all the photos will hopefully build up a complete picture of who I am right now.  And that’s the point really.  Making sure there are enough photos of the real me, for my family, for the future.  I’ll be a different person in a few years time, it’ll be interesting to look back and these and remember who I was.



I’m sharing some of these photos over on instagram as part of the community I’m hoping to build up over there.

I would love it if people joined in, using #ShowYouWereThere.

For now, I want to give a big, happy shout out to Nicola from Mummy to Dex for being the first person to jump in and share some photos with that hashtag!



As more people (hopefully!) join in, I’ll be sharing my favourites every week here on my blog.  So everyone, get in front of the camera and then get sharing on instagram with #ShowYouWereThere.

I’d love to see you!