I’ve known my best friend for nearly 16 years now, which just makes me feel really old! We met in our first year at University, lived in a shared house together in our third year… View Full Post

Do you ever have those times when nothing really big has happened, but you just feel happy?  That’s how I’ve been lately. I’ve always believed that it’s the little things in life that really add… View Full Post

Let me get one thing clear from the start, in case the title of this post has given you a false impression of me. I am not a domestic goddess.  My home is nowhere near… View Full Post

After a wet and windy day on Saturday, Sunday came along with blue skies and sunshine, but Rhys was absolutely adamant that he didn’t want to go out anywhere.  I think this term at school… View Full Post

Most weeks here on my blog I write a post based around a quote that I’ve read and loved, because I’m a sucker for good quote and I love joining in with Becky’s Candid Cuddles… View Full Post