A letter to my daughter as she turns two

To my beautiful daughter,

It feels like only yesterday that you came along.

As is typical of a child of mine, you came in your own time.  7 days past your due date you finally came, on your own terms, which was just fine with me.  You caught us all a little bit by surprise, making your appearance while we were still in the triage room rather than on the labour ward.

And there we stayed most of the day.

While Daddy went home to get some sleep you and I got to know each other.

In that little hospital room I studied your perfect face and knew in my heart what your name was.

Not the name we’d loved for the past 9 months, but one that we hadn’t even considered until the midwife who delivered you introduced herself with the words “Hi, I’m Nerys”.

Nerys.  Perfect.


And now, 2 years later your name suits you beautifully.  I can’t imagine you being anything else.

You are loving.  So, so loving.  Some evenings I sit by your bed before you go to sleep and you ever so gently kiss my eyes, my nose, my ears, my mouth.  I hope you keep that gentle, affectionate part of you always.

You are chatty.  Oh my word are you chatty!  And you’re so proud of yourself when you’re able to tell me something.  And you make us laugh so much when you catch us by surprise with a new word or expression.  The look on Nana’s face the other day when she thanked you for something and you replied “You’re most welcome” was just brilliant!

You are independent.  “Me do it” is one of your favourite expressions, and to be fair, most of the time you CAN do whatever it is you want to do.

You are curious.  You ask me “why?” 100 times a day.  And while this gets exhausting after a while I hope you stay curious.  I hope you never stop questioning the world around you.

You love Peppa Pig (much to Daddy’s disappointment), Fig rolls and Jam Tarts, oranges and bananas, jumping in puddles, eating hoops with Nana and Pops, copying anything and everything your brother does (oh how you love him!), looking at books and pretending to read them, singing along to the wheels on the bus, sleeping in your own big girl bed (after nearly 2 years of ending up in Mummy and Daddy’s bed most nights) and telling me proudly in the morning “me slept in my bed, ALL NIGHT”.

You are a joy to have around.  You and your brother bring so much light to the world.


You are my baby girl, who’s not such a baby any more.

You are Nerys.


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