How to make a rented house feel like home (1)

5 ways to make a rented house feel like home

When you live in a rented house or flat it can be really hard at times to make it feel like home.

You’re often limited in what you can do in terms of painting the walls and even putting in hooks to hang pictures.  It makes sense really, that the landlord will want to keep the house as quite a blank slate so it’s easy for them to rent to someone else when you move out.  They have a lot to deal with between keeping on top of repairs for you, making sure they have landlord insurance in case anything goes wrong, and making sure you’re happy in their property.  So you can understand why they don’t want you making big, dramatic changes to the house.

There are still quite a few things you can do though to put your stamp on your house and start to really make it feel like a family home.


1. Bring in colour with soft furnishings

It’s always worth asking your landlord if you can repaint the walls to create the colour scheme  you want, but most of the time they’ll want you to keep it plain and neutral.  So bring colour into your rented home with soft furnishings.

Think about getting a big area rug to cover the plain carpet in the lounge, and smaller, cosy rugs for the bedrooms.

Then you can tie things together with throws, blankets and cushions on the sofas, chairs and beds.

You can use the same approach in your bathroom too.

Pick out bath mats in a colour that suits the tiles and then find a new shower curtain and bathroom accessories to match and bring the room together.


2. Add some character to children’s bedrooms

You can make a child’s bedroom feel like their own by picking out bedding and accessories in a particular theme, colour scheme or featuring their favourite characters.  And then you can take it a step further by putting removable stickers up on the walls.

There are so many options available and you can get really creative with them, safe in the knowledge that you can simply peel them off again when you move out, or as your child gets older and their tastes change.


3. Put yourself on display

One of the best ways to make a house feel like a home is to display loads of family photos.

You can ask your landlord if you can put some hooks up to hang framed photos, or you can use command strips so you can carefully remove them when you move.

There are all sorts of other ways you can display your photos at home.

You can cover your fridge with them, frame them and place them on bookshelves, side tables and any other available surface, or you can clip them to a string of fairy lights and hang them across the wall.

You can use a decent frame to really make those memorable family portraits stand out. You might want to integrate it into existing themes within your home, like matching other frames and furniture design in colour or texture.

Alternatively, you might want to go with a statement frame from Picture Framing Experts to create a feature image for your wall. It’s the perfect way to capture a treasured family occasion.


4. Change up the lighting

Chances are that your rented house will just have one main light in each room.

So make it feel more like a cosy family home by adding in floor lamps, table lamps and candles.  When you’re cwtched up at home in the evenings the softer light  you get from these sources will feel so much more homely than one big, bright light in the middle of the room.

You can also play around with fairy lights in the bedrooms, they can look great wrapped around head boards and mirrors.


5. Bring the outdoors in with houseplants

Add even more of your personality to your home with some plants.

You can dot potted plants all around your home, on window sills, random shelves or even placed on top of stools.  If you’re not convinced on how green-fingered you are then you could get some fake plants, or just make a point of buying a fresh bunch of flowers every week to pop on your kitchen table.


Do you live in a rented house or flat?

What are your top tips to make it feel like a family home?


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