Boxclever family weekly planner review

Get organised with a Boxclever Press family calendar – Review

I was chatting with a friend in the school playground yesterday about how much there is to keep track of and remember when it comes to family life.

There are always letters to read and forms to sign from school.  You need to keep on top of what clubs are on what days and who needs what for which club.  Not to mention homework, swimming kit, PE kit, pound coins for charity, and various fancy dress/dress down days.

And all of this is just the children.  Once you start thinking about all the meetings, events, deadlines and so on that you have to remember for yourself it can all get way too much.

There is something really simple but so effective that can help though.  I’ve been using the family weekly planner from Boxclever Press for a few weeks now after I was sent one to review and it is so helpful for keeping on top of everything.


The first thing I noticed when my calendar arrived in the post was how substantial it is.

The 2020 Family Weekly Planner Calendar is a weekly planner rather than a typical monthly wall calendar so it, obviously, has a lot more pages and is heavier than the normal calendars I’m used to.  Despite that, it doesn’t feel overly bulky and sits really nicely when it’s hanging up on the wall.

I really love how sturdy the metal binding and hanging loop are too.  I get the feeling that this calendar will last the year nicely without showing much wear and tear.


One thing I really love about this calendar is that it’s a 16-month version, so you can get a head start on things by starting to use it at the end of the ‘old’ year instead of waiting to get organised in the new year.

Each page shows a week, with the dates clearly marked, and 6 columns for different members of the family.

I think it’s great that there are 6 columns available.  It makes this planner great for bigger families and also means people like me with smaller families have extra columns available for things like birthdays or even weekly meal plans.

Each weekly page also has a tear off to-do list and shopping list so you can easily keep on top of the things you need to get sorted and pick up at the shops.


I really love these little tear-off lists and think they make a great addition to the planner.

I’m always jotting down reminders to myself on random bits of paper, so I love that I can put them all on the planner now and then just tear them off when I need to.  No more searching my desk when I need to find out what it was I needed to remind myself about!


The Boxclever press weekly planner has a few other well thought out features that I really like.

There’s a page at the back for writing down phone numbers that you might need to keep handy, as well as a pocket for stashing important bits of paperwork.

It even comes with a set of brightly coloured, fun stickers that you can use to mark different occasions on the planner.  There are stickers for all sorts of things from days/nights out and birthdays to vet, dentist and optician appointments.


Possibly the most useful feature of the planner though is a simple sheet of plastic.

There is a clear sheet of plastic that fits onto the planner and acts as an overlay to put over the current week.  You use the pen that comes attached to the bottom of the planner to write in any recurring events, things like weekly swimming lessons and school clubs.  Then each week, when you change the calendar over, you move the overlay too so that the regular events are sitting in the right spot on the right day.

So simple, so clever, so useful to save writing the same things every single week.


We’ve been using our family weekly planner for a few weeks now and I absolutely love it.

It hangs really nicely on the wall, the pages are lovely and smooth to write on and the little extra features like the tear-off lists and reusable overlay are so handy.  I’m not saying this is the magic pill that will take away all the stress of juggling family life, but it is a huge helping hand to get me feeling more organised and on-top of things!


You can get this family weekly planner from the Boxclever Press website, as well as a selection of other calendars, diaries and organisers.


Disclosure: I was sent the family weekly planner for the purpose of this review but all words, thought and opinions are my own.

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