Reasons cruises are great for family holidays

3 reasons cruises are great for family holidays

When you think of a family holiday, you probably think of a holiday park somewhere.  Or an all-inclusive sunshine break with a good kids club.

I’m not sure if you would immediately think of a cruise.

As it turns out though, cruises can make great family holidays.  Whether it’s exploring Europe with all-inclusive Emerald river cruises or something a bit further afield, cruises can be a fab option for families.

Here are 3 reasons why:

1. There is lots to do for children of all ages

Most cruise ships will have a kids club, and an equivalent for teenagers.  So children of all ages will be kept happily entertained, and well looked after.  If you think your child might use the club then take them along on the first day, so they can meet other children right at the beginning instead of trying to join in later on in the holiday.

There’s quite often baby sitting services too if you’d like to go out for dinner just the two of you some evenings.

When you want to spend time as a family on board there are all sorts of activities you can do together, from swimming to rock climbing and even ice skating on some ships.


2. Even fussy eaters will find something to enjoy

One of the things that cruise ships are famous for is the huge choice of food available.

So even if your child is a really fussy eater they’ll be able to find something on board to tempt them.  A cruise is also a great time to give more adventurous eaters the chance to try foods from all sorts of different countries and cultures.


3. You can have amazing family experiences

As well as brilliant times on board the ship, you’ll have amazing experiences as a family when you dock in different places.

You can normally chose to book in for organised tours and excursions, or you can plan your own trips as a family.  Either way you’ll make memories to last a lifetime together.


If you’re considering a cruise for your next family holiday then there are some things to think about and plan ahead for.

One of the biggest issues on board these ships is health and hygiene.  So make sure your children understand about washing their hands properly, and carry hand sanitiser with you so you can keep everyone’s hands nice and clean.


If anyone in the family suffers with travel sickness then spending a lot of time on a boat might be an issue.

There are some things you can do to help though, like booking a room closer to the middle of the ship where there’ll be less movement.  You can also buy seabands which use acupressure to help with motion sickness.


One last tip that is genius for families is to do your washing while you’re still on board the ship.  Take your dirty clothes to the on-board launderette and have it washed and dried before the end of your holiday.  That way you won’t have piles to do when you get home.

That tip comes thanks to Fizzy Peaches who wrote all about their experience with going on a cruise as a family for the first time.


Have you ever been on a cruise as a family?

Is it something you would consider?

Disclaimer: this is a collaborative post

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