Get gorgeous autumn photos

The tips you need to know for gorgeous autumn photos

As we headed out the front door to school yesterday morning I realised that autumn is well and truly here.

The morning light was gorgeous and lit up the trees by our house in just the right way to show off their slowly changing colours.

It’s made me quite excited to get out with my family and the camera to get some autumnal photos before the seasons change again.

If you fancy doing the same, then here are my top tips for getting beautiful autumn photos.


Make the most of golden hour

Golden hour is the hour after the sun comes up and the hour before it goes down.

The light during this hour is just beautiful.  With the sun being low in the sky, the angle of the light is lovely and flattering.  The colour of the light at this time is gorgeous too, really warm and, well, golden.

Taking photos during the golden hour in autumn is pretty magical, as the warm light really shows off the changing colours of the season.

And the great thing about this time of year is that the sun is starting to rise later and set earlier, so you don’t need to head out with the children at unreasonable hours to be able to make the most of it.


Embrace the weather

The weather in autumn can be all over the place at times, and the best thing to do is just embrace that.

Crisp, clear, sunny days are perfect for getting out at golden hour and capturing all the colours of autumn.  But don’t let autumn showers keep you from getting out and taking family photos.  You can have so much fun if you include brightly coloured umbrellas and jumping in puddles in wellies in your photos.

Grey, overcast days can also actually be great for capturing the colours of autumn, and if you dress your family in bright colours that complement the colours in nature you’ll get some gorgeous photos.


Focus on the seasonal details

Make the most of the autumnal goodness that nature provides.

Get your child to hold their collection of conkers in their hands and take a close up photo of them.  Let them grab handfuls of fallen leaves and throw them up in the air.  With a good fast shutter speed you’ll be able to freeze the action and capture them falling around your child.

You can also have fun looking for the most colourful leave you can find and getting your child to hold it up in front of them for a photo.


Take a step back too

I’m so guilty of taking lots of close up shots, and forgetting to step back now and again and photograph the whole, wide scene.

Autumn is a great time of year to do this though.

If you’re out in the woods with all the beautiful colours on the trees, then move back and let your children be small in the middle of the woodland scene.

Another fun thing to try at this time of year is to find branches that are almost bare that you can shoot through to frame photos of your children.


Capture this stage in your lives

Don’t focus completely on photos that include conkers and autumn leaves.  Think about what you like to do as a family at this time of year, and photograph that.

If your children play football then think about photographing the chilly weekend mornings from the sidelines.  If a steaming mug of hot chocolate is part of your autumn routine, then take photos of little hands wrapped round their favourite mugs.

Instead of always trying to get your children to pose for photos, let them just have fun and capture them when they’re engaged in something.


Hopefully these tips will have you eager to head outdoors with your family this autumn to get some amazing new photos.  If you are stuck indoors though, have a read of this post about how to get great photos indoors, so you can still get some pictures you’ll love!

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