Psychological benefits of taking a shower

3 psychological benefits of taking a shower

I always used to be a real bath person.

I loved running a hot, deep bath and taking my time relaxing there with a magazine.

Then I had the children and didn’t really have the time for that any more, and showers took over.  And now I think I genuinely prefer showers to baths.  I think it’s something to do with the constantly running water; the sensation of it and the sound of it.

I might be onto something with this too, as there are quite a few benefits of showering.  Here are 3 reasons you should take a bit of time for yourself and head for the shower.

3 psychological benefits of taking a shower


Better sleep

If you have a shower in the evening, which is often the only time you have the peace and quiet to do it as a busy parent, then you’ll get the lovely benefit of a better night’s sleep.

A nice, warm shower before getting into bed can help to relax your muscles and calm you down so you fall asleep more easily.

If you’re feeling braver though then a cold blast from the shower can also help you sleep better.

After a few minutes in the cold water you sort of get used to it.  Then when you get out into the warmth of your bedroom you’ll find that the comforting change in temperature helps to relax your body.  Which again makes it easier to fall asleep.


More energy

If you’re able to jump in the shower first thing in the morning then you’ll get the benefit of a nice little energy boost.

A cold blast at the end of your shower is the best way to really get the benefit though.  The cold water stimulates blood flow around your body, which basically means more oxygen travels round your body too, making you feel more alert and energised.


Peace and quiet

Quite often the only time busy parents get to themselves in the day is when they’re in the shower and there are loads of benefits to our emotional and physical health to taking that time on a regular basis.

The warm water helps to relax us and the white noise that the shower creates can be lovely and soothing too.  Research has even shown that having a shower can increase the level of oxytocin in our bodies.  This then helps us feel less stressed and reduces anxiety.


So don’t feel guilty next time you take a bit of extra time in the shower. 

You’ll be getting so many different benefits from improved sleep to feeling calmer, which will then benefit the whole family.

In fact I think it’s a great idea to really indulge in a nice long shower on a regular basis.

Use all your favourite products and put a deep conditioning treatment on your hair (the steam will help it work even better).  Maybe even think about upgrading your shower to an all-singing all-dancing one with a twin impeller shower pump from Pump Sales Direct so you know the water pressure will be just right every time.

And if you can stand it, turn the water to cold for the last minute of your shower for extra health benefits.


Disclaimer: this is a collaborative post

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