12 months of Nerys.

When I was pregnant with Nerys I spent a fair while browsing Pinterest looking for inspiration for how to capture her first year in photos.  There were quite a few really cute ideas, some using numbered vests, or blocks to spell out how old they are in each photo.  But in the end I decided to keep it simple and just aim for a headshot style photo every month for the year.

I did want some consistency in the photos though, to tie them all together at the end, so I decided to lie her down on her gorgeous, brightly coloured blanket for each photo.  I’m so pleased with the results!  And it’s only taken me three months to edit and put them all together!

I took quite a few photos at each sitting, so to start with here are a few of the more random ones that I really love:

And here is my final selection of photos, one each month for Nerys’ first year:
Baby first year photo 12 months  

I’m so pleased I took the time each month to take these photos and am really happy with the end result!

What do you think?!  Did you do anything similar for your baby?

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