You have to go down the chute

I would never call myself a perfectionist.  

But, I would definitely call myself a procrastinator.

I have a tendency to wait until things are ‘right’ or ‘ready’ before putting them out into the world.

And while I like to tell myself that I’m being sensible and considering all potential outcomes before I make a move, I’m not sure that’s always true.

Sometimes I’m overthinking things.  

Protecting myself by waiting, and fiddling, and generally faffing.

Rather than just going for it.

So as a reminder to myself that at times I need to stop thinking and just take action, I’m putting this quote out there.


And it feels so right for me, because I really would be that kid.

Even now waterslides make me nervous, and if I could I would sit at the top, overthinking it.  Deciding if I actually do want to go for it and slide down.

A while ago I was in Kent visiting my family and ended up going to the local pool with my sister and her daughters.

And towards the end of our visit all 3 girls decided they wanted to go down the big flume.  I say big, but my sister is most likely laughing reading this because it probably wasn’t that big!

Anyway, not wanting to look scared in front of the children, I gamely climbed up the stairs.

I reached the top and sat with my niece.

And the thing was, with her there with me there wasn’t time to overthink it.  We just went.

And, honestly, it was really rather fun.

Seems that sometimes, both literally and metaphorically, you really do just have to go down the chute!


Cuddle Fairy
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