Why community involvement is important for young people

Why is community involvement important for young people?

A wonderful way to support your child’s personal development is to encourage them to become involved with the community. There are plenty of ways to “give back” and it’s never too early to teach your child the importance of doing so. It will help your child understand how the world works outside the safety net of their family unit and show them that many people suffer hardships each and every day.

This will help them become more compassionate and respectful. I have teamed up with an independent school in Kent to offer parents some tips on how to get their child involved with the community.


Start by researching some of the local charities and corporations that require fundraising or volunteers.

Once you have a list, chat to your child about each of them to suss out whether or not they are passionate about any. Bear in mind that what sparks their interest might be entirely different to what sparks yours so don’t force them to take part in something they’re not enthusiastic about as this will lead to resentment.


Regardless of the path your child chooses to take, they will learn lots of transferable skills. Their community involvement might even shape the decisions they make as they grow up. For instance, if they start working with an environmental charity, they might become more eco-conscious as they grow up.

On the other hand, if they get a job volunteering in a local charity shop, they will learn customer service skills that will help them when they’re looking for future employment.


These are just a couple of examples of the many ways your child can get involved with charity work and community support.

If you want some more information, don’t be afraid to contact your child’s school as they will likely have some more ideas for you. Schools are often very interested in teaching children the importance of giving back, so the teachers may be able to inform you of what they plan to do as an establishment to help their pupils.

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