Which rooms can benefit from adding rooflight

Which rooms can benefit from adding a rooflight

Adding natural light to our homes is something lots of us aim for. The benefits of increased natural light in the home are well documented. Choosing the right place to add a rooflight or skylight can be difficult as it’s often restricted by the layout and structural design of your home.

As everyone might have a different room where they can add a rooflight here is a list of rooms and things to keep in mind if you do want to add a rooflight to it.



One of the best rooms to add a rooflight to is your bathroom. They work really well, particularly if your bathroom has a sloped ceiling. There are two main benefits of adding a rooflight to your bathroom. The first is that having increased ventilation allows you to better manage the steam generated from baths or showers.

Secondly, bathroom windows often need to be translucent for privacy reasons, particularly if the window is vertical and is visible to neighbours. With a rooflight, because the angle of the window makes the room less visible, you can opt for a transparent glass rooflight and really increase the natural light in your bathroom.



As with bathrooms, having a rooflight in your kitchen can significantly help regulate the temperature. Kitchens can become extremely hot and steamy with lots of pots and pans on the cooker on days like Christmas Day. By opening a rooflight, you can quickly lower the temperature of a kitchen and let any steam escape quickly.

For kitchens specifically, increased levels of natural light have shown to improve digestion and appetite stimulation. If you eat in your kitchen as well as cook, this can be a real benefit!


Home office

Increasing the levels of natural light has a well-documented impact on stress levels and productivity. Natural light has shown to increase the levels of serotonin in the body, which improves your mood. For a home office, this can have benefits to the productivity and quality of your work.

One thing you need to keep in mind if installing a rooflight into your home office is the direction the light will fall. This is important as if you work on a computer you will want to position your screen so as not to suffer any glare which could distract you from your work.


Loft conversions

Probably the most popular room to add a rooflight to is a loft conversion. The benefits of adding rooflights to a loft conversion are obvious. As most lofts don’t have any windows, when converting them to another room, rooflights become the only source of natural light.

Loft conversions can be used for a considerable number of different purposes from an extra bedroom to more living space. Heating a loft conversion can sometimes be difficult to get right. A rooflight can help raise the temperature of a room and along with the natural heat from lower floors rising up the house, help heat the room.


Hopefully, these points helped you with some ideas if you’re thinking off adding a rooflight to any the rooms mentioned above.


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