Where did my little boy go?!

You know how sometimes, you put your baby down for a nap and could swear that they had grown while they were asleep?  Or that their facial features had shifted somehow and they just look different; older maybe.

Well last week I really had one of those moments where my son seemed to change and grow up before my very eyes!

About a week or so ago his hair seemed to suddenly grow to a point that it was almost in his eyes and just really needed to be cut.  So we went off on an adventure!  Nerys went off happily (almost too happily!) with Nana and Pops for a walk round the park and Rhys and I caught the bus into town to the hairdressers.

I’ve taken him to Tickled salon on Swansea high street twice now and have been really impressed with it both times.  The staff are really lovely and friendly, there are seats shaped like cars for Rhys to sit in and watch tv and the haircuts themselves have been great!

So Rhys sat in a car, watched a bit of Frozen and before I knew it a whole new child was sitting in front of me.  He just looks so different, so grown up!  It’s taking a bit of getting used to, I have to admit.  I said in a recent blog post that one of the hardest things about being a parent is letting your children grow up, letting them go.  And I really do think that’s true.  Accepting that my little boy is getting bigger, gearing up for full time school in September, is hard!  And now seeing him looking older is making it all the more ‘real’.

I have to remind myself that it’s all part of the adventure.  We can’t cling to the last stage (as much as I’d like to sometimes!).  Time for my little boy to start becoming a big boy.  He is nearly 4 after all!

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