Tips to get the most out of a trip to Bluestone wales

Top tips to get the most out of a holiday to Bluestone

Disclosure: We were given a 4 night stay at Bluestone but all words, photos and opinions are my own.

We’ve been to Bluestone national park resort three times now, and each time we go it seems like we learn something new about how to get the absolute best out of a holiday there.

So I’m writing this post partly as a reminder to ourselves for the next time we go, and also to hopefully help anyone else who’s planning a holiday to Bluestone to really make the most of their stay.


I think that no matter what you do really you’ll have an amazing time at Bluestone because it’s just a truly lovely place to go for a holiday, but there are some things worth knowing and keeping in mind to really get the best out of it.


The lodges

The lodges are generally really well equipped with everything you need but there are a few things worth knowing about:

  • There are tumblers, wine glasses and mugs in the kitchen, but no pint glasses.
  • We’ve stayed in three different lodges and they’ve all had a grill pan and roasting dish but no simple baking tray, so take one or two with you if you know you’ll want to cook things like chips while you’re there.
  • The twin bedrooms often have just one bedside table in between the beds, which of course means just one bedside lamp.  Not always an issue, but if your children are like mine one might want to read at bedtime when the other wants dark to get to sleep, so think about taking a little reading light with you.
  • There are no clothes airers in the lodges but you can get one from guest services if you want one, useful for drying towels and wet coats.


What to take (and what not to take)

  • There are towels in the lodges but you can’t take these with you to the Blue Lagoon, so pack some towels if you plan on swimming there (which you absolutely should).
  • Whether you hire a buggy or not, pack comfy shoes to explore the resort.
  • You don’t need to take a hairdryer with you, there was one in each bedroom of the lodge the last time we stayed.
  • If you’re going to Bluestone in the winter you might want to take a torch with you.


Getting the most out of the resort

  • If you think you’ll want to eat at any of the restaurants during your stay then it’s worth booking this before you go, they do get quite busy.
  • If you don’t want to cook but don’t fancy eating out either then the food from the chippy is really good and can be taken back to your lodge.
  • Budget for some treats while you’re there.  There are quite a few places around the resort where you can treat yourselves to drinks and snacks and they’re all really lovely.  Ty Coffi in the village has seasonal goodies on offer, from different flavoured milkshakes in the summer to tempting hot drinks in the winter.  The drinks from the cafe at the adventure centre are really good, and the bar in the Serendome has a great range of drinks available.
  • The Blue Lagoon is free to use when you’re staying in Bluestone and is so much fun for the whole family.  Just remember to take a pound coin for the locker.
  • The serendome is amazing, but it really is just like being outside so take their advice to wrap up in the winter months.


Make sure you’re kept informed

  • There’s an app you can download that is really useful for helping you find your way around the site and also for keeping up to date with news and events from around the resort.
  • The other top tip is to turn the TV on in the lodge in the morning and check for any messages.  If the weather is bad then things like the winter lights might not be on, or some paths around the resort might be closed, and these kinds of things will be shared with you in these messages.


Get to know the village

  • The village is the central hub of Bluestone resort and it’s worth having a wander round there on  your first day to get the lay of the land.
  • There’s a play park for the children and a lovely treehouse play area for them to explore.
  • This is also where the cafe, pub and restaurants are.
  • Newton stores is the little supermarket on site that, despite being small, has pretty much everything you could need.  We packed loads of food and drink to take with us on our last trip and after looking around the shop we’ve said we’ll bring far less with us next time.  The shop was well stocked with everything from food and drink to toiletries and household goods.  You can even buy individual dishwasher tablets which is really useful.


  • If you spot them in Newton Stores, grab a little Welsh deli pasty, they are amazing.


Make full use of the time you can be on site

  • You can arrive on site hours before check in time and stay on site for hours after you check out on your last day, so plan to make the most of that time.
  • On our last stay we checked out then parked back up in the longstay car park and walked back round the village and around the lake, before going over to the Blue Lagoon for one last swim.
  • You can use all of the facilities from the Blue Lagoon and the Adventure centre to the new Serendome, so no matter what the weather is doing you can find something to do before you check in and after you check out of your lodge.


Enjoy Bluestone at every time of the year

  • Spend some time on the Bluestone website before you go to get to know what will be on offer during your stay.
  • In the spring and summer months you can enjoy a walk through the woods to Camp Smokey for drinks, burgers and the experience of toasting your own s’mores.


  • In the winter months there might be fewer hours of daylight but there is still so much to do.  With the Blue Lagoon, the adventure centre and the Serendome there are lots of options for things to do with the children even if the weather isn’t great.  And then you have all the festive fun of a Kingdom of the Elves break in the run up to Christmas and the truly magical winter lights in the new year.

No matter what time of year you go to Bluestone you’ll have an amazing time, and hopefully these tips will help you really get the best out of every minute of a holiday there.

Have you been to Bluestone?  What was your favourite thing to do there?  What do you wish you’d known before you went?

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