Tips for choosing a school for your child

Top tips for choosing a school for your child

Picking where your children go to school is no easy decision. There are many factors to take into consideration, making the process potentially quite overwhelming.

To help ease some of the pressure, we’ve worked with an independent school in Hertfordshire to bring you some top tips for choosing a school for your child. 


Make lists 

It may seem simple, but writing down what you want from a potential school in a list is a great way to start making sense of everything.

Not only will it help you organise your thoughts, but it will make you stop and think about exactly the type of education you would like your child to receive, leading you on the path to finding the best school to match your needs. 



There is of course the very practical question of location to deal with when choosing a school. Once you establish whether you would like your child to be close to home or open to boarding school education, you can begin to think seriously about the location of the school.

It is a top priority to consider when it comes to managing the practicalities of how your child will get to school, and what time out of your schedule that journey may take. 



Once you’re starting to get to a shortlist of the place you like the look of, go and get a feel for the place by paying a visit. Seeing the environment of each school before you make your final decision can have a big effect on which school you end up leaning towards.

You’ll be able to get a first hand experience of the type of facilities the school has, as well as be able to meet and talk with some of the staff there, giving you a fuller picture on the kind of atmosphere the place has. 


Ask questions 

Be it when you’re paying a visit or through email and phone calls, never be afraid to ask any question that you may have.

Those at the school should be more than happy to answer any queries; they know that this is a big decision and they will want to help you put your mind at ease over any burning questions that you may have on the brain.


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