My top five holiday moments

Steve and I are both homebodies, we like being at home with our home comforts around us.  So we tend to spend our summers in Swansea, enjoying the beaches and parks and everything else our city has to offer.

In May though we did get away for our first family holiday since Nerys was born.  We went to Bluestone for a four night stay, and had a really wonderful time.  And it’s got me thinking about my favourite holiday moments from the times we have ventured away from home!

My top five holiday moments

1.  Family time in Bluestone

As I said, our holiday to Bluestone was the first time we’d been away on a proper holiday as a family of four.  And we made it even more of a family affair by asking Steve’s parents to come along with us.

It was fantastic to have that time to switch off and just enjoy spending time together.  This photo was taken by my mother-in-law and will always remind me of what an amazing time we had just pottering around Bluestone, exploring the woods, swimming every day and generally just being together as a family.



2.  A peaceful week in Marrakech

While we generally like to stay close to home, every now and then we will venture out of our comfort zone and head somewhere different.  Back in 2012, when Rhys was only about 15 months old, we went on holiday to Marrakech with some friends of ours.

It was just stunning.  Gorgeous blue skies and sunshine, and hot.  Man alive it was hot.  We spent most of the week in the pool, and for pretty much the whole week we had it to ourselves.  It was amazing, like having our own private pool.

Considering we had a toddler with us, it was really quite a peaceful week!



3. Watching the sea in Antibes

When I was eight we went on holiday to Antibes in the south of France for the first time.  Then we went back every summer until I left home,and my parents still go to the area now, to a campsite in Biot.

I have so many memories of our family holidays to France, but this one really sticks in my mind.  My sister and I were sitting by the sea, watching the water  and chatting.  And my dad was sitting further up the beach, watching us, and taking photos.  And he managed to capture a brilliant series of photos of this wave, getting bigger and bigger until it almost dwarfed us.  Then absolutely soaked us.  I don’t know why we didn’t see it coming, but I remember being quite surprised when it came crashing over us!

I’m sure I wasn’t amused by it at the time, but it does make me smile now!



4. Sharing memories of Antibes

Antibes is a really special place to me, having spent so many summers there growing up.  So it meant a lot to me to get to show parts of it to Steve a few years ago.  Ten years ago actually.  We went for a week in June of 2007, and it was just amazing.

My parents were on a longer holiday there at the time, so we spent a week with them, tagging along on various days out to Frejus, Menton and Dolceacqua.  I have wonderful memories of all those trips, but I think my fondest memory is of driving round the campsite we used to stay on when I was younger.  And taking a walk on the pebbly beach that I spent so much time on as a child and teenager.



5.  A trip to France just for the food

A year before we went out and met them in the south, my parents took me and Steve to a village in the north of France for an overnight stay.  Pretty much with the sole purpose of sampling the amazing food at a hotel/restaurant they had found.

We had a wonderful evening of eating, drinking and chatting at the hotel.  Then spent a day visiting Dunkirk and Gravelines before heading back home.  It was one of those trips where it feels like you’ve been away for ages, when in reality it was only a day or two.

And it was on that little holiday that I took one of my all time favourite photos, of the flowers and the lighthouse in Gravelines.


I have so many amazing memories from all those different holidays.

One of the best parts of holidays when I was younger though, was sending off my films to be developed.  Waiting what seemed like weeks for the prints to come back, and then getting to relive all those wonderful moments again.

Now of course, it’s all much more instant.  We can review our photos straight away, and share them with our new friends while we’re still on holiday if we want to.  And we don’t tend to print our photos as much as we used to.  I know I don’t print as many of my pictures as I should, and I really want to start displaying more of our photos at home.

The family photo from Bluestone in particular I would like to have up on our walls.  I think it would look great on a canvas rather than just as a standard print.

Truprint are looking for people to share their top holiday moments with them, using #HolidayMoments on their social media channels, to get a conversation going about our favourite memories.  Their canvases look really lovely, and you can check them out at to get inspired to take some more gorgeous photos of the moments that you want to remember forever, and then display in your home.


Disclaimer – this is a collaborative post


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