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Tips for busy dads: Men’s grooming kits and more…

When we become parents, for a while, appearances and grooming routines go out the window. There is always something more important or urgent to be doing, like cramming some work in while the kids nap, putting them to bed, making dinner, and so on. 

This doesn’t have to be the case though. A grooming routine doesn’t have to take up too much time. It can be simple and quick, whilst still making you feel put together and a whole lot better about yourself.

There are a number of useful ways for busy dads to adopt a grooming routine into their day-to-day life. For example, why not opt for a ready-made routine in the form of mens grooming kits? These can take all the stress away of trying to figure out what you need by providing all the necessary products and equipment to look your best. 

Here are some simple grooming tips and tricks for dads who are always on the go… 


Invest in ready-made mens grooming kits. 

If you are pretty new to the grooming scene and wouldn’t know where/how to start with taking care of your appearance, don’t worry. There are a range of products and mens grooming kits out there that will provide everything you need to get stuck in and looking like a ‘cool dad’.
The English Shaving Company offer a range of shaving and mens grooming kits, to suit your needs. Whether you’re a bearded dad who needs a range of beard-care products and trimming tools, or you prefer to be clean-shaven using before and after-care products and a double-edged razor – they can provide just that. 


Keep it simple. 

If you know your time for taking care of your hair or skin is very limited, keep your routine as minimalistic as possible. There’s no point going out and buying a range of fancy new products if you don’t have the time (or energy) to use them all. 

Find some key products that you know work for you and always have these at hand. For example, everyone needs a good quality moisturiser. Whether you’re an older or younger dad, moisturising at least once a day is essential, if you want to prevent or reduce wrinkles or lines. 

It takes two seconds to slap some moisturiser on, so there really is no excuse. Plus, once you start keeping your skin hydrated, you (and others around you) will notice how much healthier and happier it looks. 


Be realistic with your time. 

At first, kick-starting a grooming routine might feel more like a luxury than a necessity. Actually though, dedicating a tiny portion of your day to looking after your appearance can have amazing long-term effects. 

Despite this, there’s no point telling yourself that you will spend thirty minutes each morning shaving and moisturising etc. – this probably isn’t feasible. Be completely realistic with how much time you have to spare in the mornings and evenings, whether it’s ten minutes or less. 


Having kids means you have to become good at multitasking, so why should your grooming routine be any different? You can moisturise whilst the kettle boils, whilst watching TV, and more – there are plenty of ways to factor some self-care into your day without having to sacrifice other responsibilities. 

You could even treat yourself to a mirror to put in the shower. This way, you can kill two birds with one stone and shave whilst you shower. The warm water flow will open up your pores for a clean shave. Plus, you can keep your other half happy too by washing your mess straight down the drain!

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