Things my son has said

Things my son has said (that took us ages to decipher)

Today, for your viewing pleasure, I give you 4 random things my son has said that took us ages to decipher.  These are words and phrases that he said repeatedly but that we just couldn’t for the life of us work out what he was actually trying to say, until we eventually had a light-bulb moment for each one.

Parents, you must have experienced the same thing with your kids?

Before I get into it, have a quick guess, would you know what ‘boor-head’ meant?  Would you know what he was trying to say when he kept calling Mater ‘Bissar car’?  Answers revealed below!

Things my son has said that took ages to decipher

I think this was the first one that really got us.  When Rhys was first starting to talk he would sit with his teddies and say what sounded like ‘boor-head’.  It took me months to work out he was trying to say ‘bumped his head’ and was playing ‘5 little monkeys’ with his teddies!


Pirate wikitar game

This is the latest.  Steve worked this one out just a few days ago, after weeks and weeks of Rhys talking about the ‘pirate wikitar game’.  They were browsing Amazon together, looking at all the angry birds toys (Rhys is ever so slightly into angry birds at the moment!) and they landed on a particular game.  The pirate pig attack game.  Ding ding ding, we have a winner!


Bissar car

For the longest time Rhys called Mater from the film Cars ‘Bissar car’.  I couldn’t for the life of me work out why.One day I was really trying to work it out and got as far as thinking that Cars was a Disney film, so maybe he was trying to say ‘disney car’, but that just didn’t quite work.  It was a while later that it dawned on me that Cars is actually a Disney PIXAR film!  Bissar car = Pixar car.


The ‘never again’ song
Oh man, this one drove us mad for months!

Rhys would sing a line from a song, the only words of which we could make out were ‘never again’.  We knew it was from a video he’d seen on youtube but could never find it.  Probably because we were always searching for the words ‘never again’.We finally got lucky when Steve caught the tune playing when Rhys was watching videos one day.  Dashing over, he managed to grab the phone before the video finished and finally, finally, we could work out what he’d been singing “Accidents will happen, NOW AND AGAIN”

I still sing random lyrics to the tune though, normally “hasta manana, never again”.  Drives Steve crazy!

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