Things my children have slept through

I read a blog post the other day by Charlie at Real Girl Ramblings that really made me smile.  It was a list of all the bizarre things that wake her baby up.  And it got me thinking; when my children are just on the brink of being properly asleep they can be disturbed by the slightest noise.  Once they’re down though, they seem to be able to sleep through all sorts of things.  A few days ago Nerys was asleep in the buggy by the front door.  The postman opened the door and dropped a parcel on the floor right next to her with one hell of a thump, and she didn’t even flinch! So here is my list of a few of the other things my children have slept through:

Jumping in the jumperoo
Photographic proof of this one above – finger still poised on one of the toys!  This was also with Rhys and her 3 cousins playing pretty loudly all around her.

Both Rhys and Nerys have slept quite happily in the moses basket in the lounge while I’ve hoovered right up to the edge of the basket.  I can sort of understand this one, as the hoover is a kind of white noise I suppose, which babies tend to like.  But it’s a pretty loud white noise when it’s right by your head!

The smoke alarm going off.
Rhys was napping on the sofa one day a fair while ago, and whatever I was attempting to cook had set the smoke alarm off.  I dashed into the lounge to make it stop and fully expected Rhys to have woken up.  Nope.  He was still flat out.  Bit worrying really!

The Eurofighter Typhoon.
Have you ever heard one of these things?!  We were at the Swansea bay air show when Rhys was a few months old and one of these was taking part.  It was seriously one of the loudest planes ever!  And Rhys slept through the whole display.  Unbelievable.

Are your children light sleepers or can they sleep through anything?!

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