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The siblings project – October 2020

Can anyone tell me where the last month went?

I swear it was the start of September just a week or so ago.  And now the children have been back at school for around 6 weeks.

They’ve adjusted really well to the new routine.  Of course, that’s now changed again this week.

Rhys is back doing school work at home and isolating for a week after a child in his class tested positive for the coronavirus.  Nerys is pleased she can still go to school and be with her friends, but she’s not too impressed at being the one who has to be up, dressed and out the door in the mornings!

Rhys is coping pretty well with the change but is annoyed at not being able to leave the house.

Hopefully the weather will be kind and we’ll be able to make up for it next weekend with a trip to the beach or something.

The last time we went down the tide was really high and it was so, so pretty.  I took the chance to get a few photos of the children together, and had a play with the lens ball my sister got me for my birthday.


The next few months are starting to feel more and more uncertain, and with half term not far away I’m not sure what we’ll actually be able to do and where we’ll be able to go with the children.

I’ve got a feeling it’ll be pretty much like the summer holidays and our time will be spent mostly hanging out at home, with trips out to the parks and the beach to burn off energy.

One of the things I’ve been really grateful for this year is having so many different places close to home that don’t seem to get too crowded, where the children can run around and get some fresh air.

We’ve actually started walking home from school over the last week or so, and some days we’ll take the slightly longer route through Singleton park and it’s so much nicer than driving through the school run traffic.  I did worry a bit the first day we walked home, that the children might complain a bit about being tired, with it being a half hour walk at the end of the school day.  But they’ve not even mentioned it once.

With all the changes that keep happening at the moment, I think we might try and keep this new routine of walking home going for a while if we can.  It’s really lovely to have that half hour together to chat about our days, before getting home and starting the next busy stage of showers and dinner and homework and so on.

The way time is going at the moment though it’ll be getting dark on the walk home before we know it!

Do you walk your children to school?  Do you do it all year round and in all weathers?

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