siblings november 2020

The siblings project – November 2020

We’ve come to that strange time of year where things seem to move and change quite quickly.

All of a sudden it’s almost dark by the time the children and I get home from school.

This month’s siblings project photos were taken just a few weeks ago and already the sun seems to be setting much earlier than it did then.

We took these in the park as the sun had almost disappeared from view, as the gorgeous golden light shifted to the blues of dusk.


By the end of this week it was really getting dark by the time we had walked home and, even though it happens every year, it has still caught me off guard.

And the days getting shorter is just the start of it.

All of a sudden bonfire night has been and gone.

Remembrance day passed so much more quietly than normal.

The Christmas parade is taking place (virtually) today and there are already some festive foodie huts in the town centre.

We’ve had a message from the children’s school with a list of inset days, odd-sock-wearing days, parent-teacher consultation dates, non-uniform days and a whole host of other things to make this term a busy and fun one for the children.

I think each week will have something different for the children to look forward to, and before we know it we’ll be at the end of term and heading straight into Christmas.

The children have coped so well with all the changes they’ve faced this year, I just really hope they get to enjoy the rest of this term and don’t end up having to miss any school like they did last term.

I’ve been so grateful to all the staff at their school and how hard they’re working to make it a safe, enjoyable place for the children to be.  Both Rhys and Nerys absolutely love their teachers this year which has been such a relief because, honestly, I was quite nervous about them having teachers we hadn’t crossed paths with before.  And all three of the teachers they had last year were tough acts to follow.

Everything is still so uncertain and I don’t know how the rest of the year will go for the children, but at the very least I know that their teachers will do everything they can to make the best of all the changes and make this a Christmas term we’ll always remember.

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