Siblings May 2021

The siblings project – June 2021

How on earth are we already here at the middle of June?

It feels like we’ve only just really got the children back to school after all the spells of home learning, and now the summer holidays are just around the corner.  Not that I’m complaining.  After all the ups and downs of this school year I think I’m looking forward to the long summer break as much as the children are.

They had a really lovely half term holiday a few weeks ago, with trips out to the beach and the woods as well as time just relaxing at home.  And I think it got us all looking forward to more of the same over the summer.



We’ve got about 5 weeks of school to get through first, but I have a feeling they’ll whizz by.

I’ve been called up for jury service this week and next, so the children have the novelty of Steve doing the school run for a bit.  And I always find that changes in the routine like this make the time seem to go that bit faster.

They’ll also have fun things like sports day to enjoy before the end of the year.

The one thing we’re all keen to know about is who their teachers will be next year and if they’ll still be in the same classes as their friends.  Last year ended so abruptly the children didn’t get to do the normal transition days, so we’re really hoping that they’ll get to do it this year.

It would be really nice to go into the holidays with an idea of how things will look and who they’ll be with in September.

Do your children have transition or ‘meet the teacher’ days at their school, to help them prepare for moving up a year?

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