Siblings project February 2021

The siblings project – February 2021

Can someone explain to me how January seemed to drag on and on (and on), but February already seems to be flying by?

I’m just glad I was organised this month and took some photos of Rhys and Nerys together for this siblings post, so I wasn’t caught out by the middle of the month suddenly appearing!

We took these pictures one afternoon when we walked down to the beach after they’d finished their home learning for the day.  We timed it just right to get there at high tide and what was meant to be a quick ‘hello’ to the sea turned into 45 minutes of digging in the sand and attempting to skim stones in the sea.


A few weeks ago when everywhere else in the country seemed to have loads of snow and we had nothing at all here, I told my sister I was jealous of her having a good amount to play in where they live.

And her response was that they might sometimes get some snow there, but we get to enjoy the beach whenever we want here, and honestly it was just the reminder I needed of how lucky we really are!

Now the children are that bit older we can walk to the beach in about 20 minutes, and when home learning and work all starts to get a bit too much it does us all so much good to be able to get out and breathe in some sea air.

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