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The siblings project – April 2021

The last month has been a pretty good one for the children.  They both managed a bit of time back in school for the end of last term, had a lovely break for the Easter holidays and have had a great start back at school again for the summer term.

Towards the end of the Easter break we went for a lovely long walk through Singleton park and the university campus, along the beach and up to the little park by Clyne woods.

We stopped off on campus so I could pop into the shop and Steve took a few pictures of the children outside Fulton House while they waited for me.


I love the fact that I have so many great memories associated with this building, from all the afternoons and nights spent in JCs and Divas when I was student, and now I get to build new memories walking through here with my children.

Once we’d picked up a few things from the shop on campus we headed off to the beach, and then along and up to the little park at the edge of Clyne Woods.


It was a really lovely trip out, and now we know that the children can both manage a walk that long without too much complaining we’re planning a few other routes we can take in the next few months.

Where are your favourite places to go for walks as a family?

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