Benefits of nursery for young children

The benefits of nursery

Deciding whether or not nursery is the right path for your child can be quite a challenging decision for many parents.

For others, nursery is less of a choice and more of a career demand. Whatever the reason for sending your child to pre-school, you can feel happy in your choice knowing that there are many positive benefits, as explored below by a nursery in Somerset.


Other than allowing parents to continue working, one of the biggest benefits of nursery is that it prepares your child for school.

Essentially, it gets them used to being away from you and allows them to adapt to a learning environment where they have to follow rules and be respectful to others. Their learning will be structured and stimulating, allowing your child to play and develop in an exciting environment.

They will also experience mixing with other children and develop confidence when interacting with adults other than their family members. Nursery staff are specifically trained to create a safe, productive, happy environment for your child.  

When Nerys was 2 I was working from home so she didn’t need to go to nursery.  But we decided to put her in, just for 2 mornings a week, so that she could start to get used to spending time away from me.

The plan was that it would help her when she came to start Rising-threes after her third birthday and it worked out really well for us.  She adapted so well to that class having spent time away from me at nursery.


Nursery is also brilliant for helping your little one make new friends and develop important social skills that they will carry with them through life. Some examples of such skills include talking, listening, sharing and taking it in turns; all important for normal childhood development. 

They can learn some of these skill at home and at baby groups of course.  But the experience of going to nursery is different and they’ll learn so much more there, and have all sorts of different experiences.


Playtime at nursery will allow your child to develop balance and co-ordination and they will have access to equipment that you may not have at home, such as a sandpit or a climbing frame. Essentially, your child will be able to explore and develop a huge range of skills whilst at nursery, from communication and listening to physical development and creativity. 


There are a few other options for childcare, including nannies and au pairs.  And you need to spend time as a family looking at your options and deciding what is best for you all. 

From my experience though nurseries are a great option.  My children both went to nursery for a while: Rhys out of necessity because I was working full time and Nerys out of choice to ease her in to spending time away from me.  We found that both of them got so much out of their time there, and it really did help them both prepare for starting school. 


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