7 most important black box insurance rules

The 7 most important black box insurance rules

Black box insurance is one of the most popular types of car insurance policies for younger drivers. There are a lot of reasons for its popularity as well. Black box insurance is very versatile as it is designed to reward drivers who drive safely and maintain safe driving habits.

Younger drivers will have little road experience so they will often face higher premiums when it comes to getting their insurance. While black box insurance policies can be expensive at first after some time on the road you could see your premiums drop in price quite heavily.


Black box insurance is also seeing popularity with people who have faced driving/ motoring offences in the past as well. A black box policy gives insurers some extra-guarantee and peace of mind while you’re on the road and offers a good trade-off to people as well.

If you drive safely over time you will see the price of your premiums drop so it’s a win-win situation for you. However, black box policies have faced criticism in some circles because they are believed to be overly rigid in what they class has safe driving. 

Or people simply haven’t been able to benefit from them because they don’t know what they really need to do to show they are driving safely. Well to help with this problem below we have outlined 7 rules you should always follow when on a black box insurance policy. If you follow these rules you can better ensure your premiums drop in price.


Watch your speed 

Well, this is something you should do even if you don’t have a black box installed in your vehicle. However, when you have a black box insurance policy one of the things they will monitor is your speed so always stick to the speed limit.


Avoid driving at night 

This can sometimes be unavoidable but if you have black box insurance you should try to avoid driving at night whenever possible. A little driving at night won’t have a huge impact but the more time you spend driving late the bigger the impact it will have.


Brake early 

A black box will monitor your braking response time but it will also measure how hard you hit the brakes. Hitting the brakes too hard could be seen as you approaching too fast so slow down and hit the brakes early. 


Leave the black box alone 

Black boxes are very small and usually installed out of the way so they can’t easily be seen. However, some people might still be tempted to examine the box or play with it. But don’t do this, it will be monitored and will almost certainly impact your premiums.


Watch your mileage 

How many miles you travel each year will be tracked with black box insurance and you will want to keep things as low as possible. If you go over your set mileage your insurance premiums will almost definitely go up. So, try to plan out the fastest route to ensure you keep your mileage low. 


Watch your acceleration 

Just like your braking you also need to watch your acceleration as well. Don’t put your foot down too much when accelerating like with braking make it gradual to ensure your black box doesn’t read anything as speeding. 


Always stay behind the wheel  

Okay, you can let others drive if they are experienced and insured but you should try to drive yourself whenever possible. You should never let uninsured drivers behind the wheel not only is this illegal it will also impact your premiums as well. If they drive poorly then the black box will register it and it will impact your premiums.


So, that is 7 rules to remember if you have or are thinking of getting black box insurance.

Yes, it might seem a little more restrictive but let’s be honest aren’t these things you should be doing anyway? Think of a black box as a way of ensuring you always drive safely and being rewarded for when you do.

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