Siblings project – September 2018

We’re only two weeks into the new school year but already seem to have slipped back quite nicely into the routine of it.

Things are a bit different this year, with Rhys being in the Juniors and Nerys still in the Infants.  It means that their classrooms are at other ends of the school building, and also means that they don’t actually get to play together at breaktime.

I was pretty sad for them when I realised this, but they don’t seem to be too bothered to be honest.  Nerys is just excited that she gets to play in the ‘big yard’ and Rhys is loving the new equipment he gets to use over in the Junior yard.

And I suppose not seeing each other that much during the day means they’re happy to see each other in the afternoons!


I managed to get a few different sets of photos of them for this month’s siblings project which I’m thrilled with.  The first few were from our walk around Parc Le Breos a few weeks ago.

the siblings project september 2018

the siblings project september 2018


Then I couldn’t help myself and took a few more of them when we went for a stroll through Clyne woods.

I really love this top photo of them, I think partly because Rhys looks like such a protective big brother with Nerys cwtching in to him.  I do like the bottom two photos too, but the children seem to be channelling ‘The Shining’ a little bit, don’t you think?

the siblings project september 2018

I think it’s a combination of the pose and the dress that Nerys is wearing that just reminds me of the children standing in the corridor of the Overlook hotel!


We’ve been to Clyne woods quite a few times but still seem to find new parts of it each time we go, and ended up spending nearly 3 hours walking around last time.  We’re always surprised when we go by how quiet it is down there.  I think we saw about 4 0r 5 people the whole time we were walking around, which is just really surprising.

Not that I’m complaining though, it’s lovely to feel like you’ve got the place to yourself and I think the children quite like feeling like little explorers when we go.


Are there any places near you that are quiet like this, or is everywhere always a bit busy and crowded?


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